5 Jun 2011

Sarong Grill & Chill

                                                      This place is closed!

Buddy sms me a photo of this,"want to try".....

 When I you see something presented like this, it only natural...have to,have a try......

This is a simple open concept with very nice......

Since all the Nasi Tumpeng were served with fried items expect for the beef readang(we don't take beef) And since we were ordering meat item in satays.We thought ordering Veggie Nasi Tumpeng $13.80, would be a good idea.But the veggie was fried tau fu...served with tempeng,shredded veges and...

...stuffed tau kee......

Accompanied with some condiments of achar,fried hard boiled with chilly sambal,sambal belacan and a lemak gravy .Taste wise was quite good,nothing bad,portion was quite small .Price wise...??

 They had some very interesting satays,chicken's liver,gizzards,skin on the menu and the normal ones.We order nearly all expect for the beef satays.
 Chicken liver $1.00 each,Skin $1.00,Gizzard $1.50.Have to buy a minimum of 2 sticks each.We did enjoy all of these and had repeat orders for the skin which was very crispy and crunchy.

 Chicken Meat $1.50 each.minimum 2 sticks.The chicken tasted slightly cooked before been grilled over the fire but still very nice,soft,had nice  bite to it and marinated nicely. Prawns $3.00 each. Was nice enough for me.
 Squid $8.00 each.This was surprisingly grilled to near perfection.Very well marinated,slight softness,crunchy,a bit chewy.Very good.

There were some grilled veges we had,Mushroom $1.20 each,and Ladies Finger $1.00 each.Minimum 2 sticks each.Seemed still quite raw,using shitake mushroom did not quite excite me.

They forgot my order of Mutton Satay.$2.50 each.After some apology it was served.It looked and tasted like it was minced but it was chuck of meat pieces.The marination was very nicely done,soft,tender with nice bite to it.I really liked it.

All the grilled items were served with a satay peanut sauce and kecap manis(sweet soy sauce).Both went very well with the stuffs,I personally referred the kecap manis for a different taste.

Mee Goreng.$9.50.Taste wise was okay very simple.There was not much ingredients in it, just a few pieces of small prawns only.Portion was ridiculously way too little.

Sop Madura.$4.50.This was chicken soup,it tasted like a instant stock been used,with some onion slices,towkay ,few pieces of small fried potato cube,an quill egg and a very few pieces of chicken meat..Portion was very little.

Dessert..Avocado  Shake $5.95/Chendol $4.95/Panna Cotta $5.55..Avocado was very thick did not seem to be added with anything,slightly bitter.Chendol was nice.Panna Cotta was okay.

Overall what catches the eye was the way the dishes were presented ,food was okay but the price..??.

Really this place is for a relax,have a chat...chillout...has a very nice ambience,very comfortable.
And by the way I did not not notice any sarongs anywhere around there .Even the waitress did not have sarong.Kekekee!

Sarong Grill & Chill
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-03 Millenia Walk

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