12 Jun 2011

Senor Burrito

 The Mexican Sandwiches.....
                                                 This place has closed!!!

Was around City Hall,and was quite surprise to see such big makeover at the basement of Raffles City.All around everywhere it was litter with food stalls and more food stalls.Overwhelmed with so much foods around,I suddenly loss appetite and looked for something light.....

This stall caught my eye. My encounter with Mexican foods are very very limited.With years gaps with a bite or two."Okay la!" I thought to myself,just try....

And there was an offer on the Burritos to add to the temptation.

Had 2 orders,Chicken and Pulled Braised Pork.I watched interesting, Bean paste was spread on the tortilla,followed by some rice with plentiful chicken and pork with some veges,followed by salsa,They had 4 types of sauce from mild to the very hot. I had hot sauce on the chicken and very hot on the pork.

 The burritos looked very thick and heavy for a roll.

The chicken burrito,had thick chicken chucks,was soft but still had a bite to it.It was really a mouthful.It was very nice I really loved it,everything just blended very well together.It was delicious.And the hot sauce...I did not even feel a pinch of  the heat.

 The  Braised Pork was very tender,soft,a kind of slight chewiness for a bite or two,and then melts easily.The whole combination of the condiments in the burrito blended very well.The very hot sauce,really worked very fast.The sting was very hot,the burning sensation had a lot of power in it.But it only lasted a few seconds for me.It was just too yummy to ignore.Sure to have another....

 The 2 drinks,Virgin Margarita and Jamaica.I guess it was okay.This was my first time having these drinks.It tasted like a mixed from a concentrated drink.

I know,you may think I just wanted something light.This light was still too light....not enough la!....

Overall the burritos I had,had me wanting  to have more.And I am just looking for an excuse to go there again.By the way this stall only does takeaways.So have a bite on the run....

Senor Burrito
B1-59 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road

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