16 Jul 2011


Mangoes..Mangoes everything with mangoes......

Well with a name like mangoesity what less can you expect...than mangoes.

In most pastry dessert stall you will only find 1 or 2 mangoes cakes or pastry dessert.But this dessert bakery stall is solely dedicated  for all,us mangoes lovers.Yes they have about maybe around 14 types mangoes pastries and cakes with French touch.
 This is a takeaway stall,packed in a designer's,stylist box.

I was there around there 2.30p.m on a weekend.most of the items were sold out.There were only few items on display,but they were still busily,trying to refurnish the the display,doing it freshly right there

I tried all ...whatever items that were left on display there...

 Mango Bavarois Charlotte($3.80),Mango Gelee Cake($3.80),Mango Macaron($4.80)

The Bavarois Charlotte had very good spongy finger surround with very nice cream,mango puree and mango to top it.
Mango Gelee was one of my favourite tasting like a mango cake,with a lot of mango puree,mangoes,cream with light spongy cake.
Mango Macaron,with macaron,light butter cream,with ripe sweet fresh mango pulp to sandwich.If  you like marcaro and mangoes...you'll love this.   

Mango Panna Cotta($2.80), Mango Chocolate Tart($3.80),Mango Pavlova($3.80).

The Panna Cotta had more cream than mangoes in,it was okay but others were better.
Mango Chocolate Tart had some vanilla cream ,a bitter chocolate base but the mangoes did balance it well.
Pavlova was with Meringue,Chantilly Creme(sweeten whipped cream with vanilla flavour) and mangoes.If you like it much sweeter.

All the items were fresh, nice,the mangoes were ripe and very sweet.If you love mangoes and like it in a cake,pastry dessert, you will surely love this place

Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall
21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4

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