23 Jul 2011

Tandoor North Indian Restaurant

Part 1....The Buffet.............

Me ,buddy and 4 other pals were at Centre Point on a Sunday,around lunch time.When one of my pal told us that he had great ala carte meal at this place,and they only serve buffet on Sundays.All agreed and decided to try out.

 The buffet display did not quite excite us,maybe a kind of disappointing.We asked for the ala carte menu but was told they only serve buffet for Sunday lunch.We were already seated,so we decided we will have try at the buffet.

Vegetable Cream Soup and Naans(plain,garlic&butter).The soup was not creamy,quite plain and watery.Naans were quite okay just average .

The Malai Murgh Tikka and Kashmir Fish fry looked so plain and was very average tasting.

Chicken and Mutton with gravy,tasted more the South Indian,was okay but too average tasting.

 Mutton Dum Briyani and White Rice.Briyani was okay but it did not have the special unique flavour as what I usually find in the North Indian briyani.Mutton was soft and tender.But still the flavours did not quite blend to excite the taste.

Paneer Tikka and Paneer Makhani.Another average dishes.

Bhindi Masala(Lady fingers) ,Aloo Mattar(potato with peas) and Dal Makhani.The Bhindi Masala was too average nothing really working here.The Aloo Matter and Dal Makhani way too watery to taste the flavour of the sauce.

Puri Bhaji(Indian Bread with Vegetable Curry) and Gobi,Gajar and Snown peas.The Puri was soft light nice.But the Vegetable curry was another watery stuff which did not go quite go well with Puri.The cauliflower mixed was average thing


There was live station serving various Thosai with some pre cooked snack vegetrian dishes of masala vadai and stir fried semolina.

I had Paper and Masala Thosai with the vadai and semolina.The paper thosai was super thin and crispy,crackling with every bite,was very good..The Masala Thosai was not that exciting but filling inside was quite tasty though.The sambar gravy and the spicy condiment were quite tasty.The coconut condiment was quite sourish and had a gassy taste.Vadai was too average,the semolina was okay, had a nice taste to it.

There was a chat station serving Pani Puri and Cracker Chat.Sorry both were not up to expectation.

The above were the dessert section.It was a kind okay but nothing much  to comment.

Drinks.Cold drinks Pineapple & Sweet Lassi.Hot drinks Coffee and Tea.

Most of the dishes here were not quite up to North Indian style,some were quite close to South Indian taste but still not up the desired standard.

Overall with a price tag of $42.00++.What was served and the quality of the dishes were really very disappointing.

But wait a minute what is this part 1,some might be asking.Well call us ask crazy but did go again to try out the ala menu...in part 2.... click here

Tandoor Restaurant
Hoilday Inn
Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Road

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