29 Jul 2011

Tandoor North Indian Restaurant

Part 2...Ala Carte.....

After with a much disappointed buffet (click to view) at this place.The pal who told us about the great ala carte dishes insisted it was really fantastic.And even offered pay us the full refund if it did not meet up with the expectation. Call us crazy,here we( me and buddy),are again after a week.Others were not keen on going there again.
One look at the prices,we were about put our tails between our legs and run,it was shocking very high....no outrageously pricey.....

But like the first time here we were already seated.We were just going through the menu with our mouth a jarred...

Some condiment.

 On the house starters,some Papadam and some Indian Rice Crackers.Was pleasantly nice.

We order 4 dishes from the menu....

All the Naans were priced at $8.00++ each.We order Butter and Garlic Naans.Both were really very nice,with slight crisp and soft.This naans were far better than what we had at the buffet.It was so good we could have eaten just on it's own.Personally to me the butter naan really stood out.

Butter Chicken $28.00++.Chicken pieces were soft,tender.Was in a very thick(too thick for my liking),creamy,slightly sour,lightly spiced sauce.But is was nice and tasty.And went very well with the naans.We mopped it clean with the naans.

This was named MP4(mixed grill)$65.00++.This was certainly the highlight of the day.The mixed tandoori grills consisted of chicken(3pcs),fish(2pcs),prawn(2pcs) and lamb chops(2pcs).

The chicken was the star of the day,it was fantastic.It was tandoored  perfectly,slight charred bits around the corner,soft,very tender it was already so good.And to add more to the taste,it had some creamy panner slit inside the chicken pieces which added to bursting of the flavour.This was really awesome.

The Prawns were about mid size only.But it was tandoored perfectly.Thought there were charred bits here and there,the prawns were still quite juicy and had slight crispiness to it.

The Fish were big,thick chuck.Was still quite moist,flaky was tasty with a nice aroma.

Lamb Chops.Let me put this way this was one the best lamb chops,I have had in a North Indian Restaurant.It was well done but still juicy,slight crispiness ,very nice flavour and aroma.Just siok!

They forgot our order for Tandoori Chicken.When we asked they said there were more orders.With a minimum price tag from $20.00 and $40.00.We decided to skip it with thanks..

Mouth refresher for end of the meal.Spices,sweeten with full of aroma.

 Overall service was good. The ala carte dishes were really a very pleasant surprise .It was just too good to be true .I guess we have to fork out this bill,no refund from my pal.
As good as the dishes were,the prices were,one of the priciest ,I have seen in a North Indian restaurant.

For the price.... is worth it????

Tandoor Restaurant
Hoilday Inn
Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Road

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