27 Aug 2011

Hong Mao Mian Jia

I last heard their former place at Tembeling Road( link)caught fire or was is it  burnt down,not very sure.They were gone for sometime,now they back.....at new premise....
And the crowds have been drawn back to their to their wanton noodles.The table were always occupied,for all the time I was there, waiting for my noodles.And my waiting time was like,the old place around 45 minutes for my noodles.

View of their kitchen area.
Exactly it's a small place but certainly cleaner than their former premise..Another good thing, they now have a queue system,you order,take a number and wait... and wait.. and wait......But at lease now we know which number is being served.
 After 45 minutes of waiting I was served.Oh! boy don't go alone the time flies very slowly.
I had extra wantons and an extra plate of chicken feet.$5.50.Prices starts from $3.00.

The noodles were as before were QQ,nice,slippery and tasty.

 Wanton were good as before .

 The feet chicken,were not the usual soya,oyster sauce.They were cooked with herbs.Thus,there were some bitter taste to it.For me it was good enough.
 For those who have been to their former place,who always run back to take the green chillies.Now can relax. The chop sticks and the preserved green chillies are on the table.Have it many times as you want.

Yes!the same people are at it.(The owner recognized me, chatted with me and asked how I knew about their new place.)
The crowds are certainly back at it.Get ready to wait and wait....

Hong Mao Mian Jia
182 Joo Chiat Road
Monday closed.

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