14 Aug 2011

Paradise Inn

    City Square
Was meeting buddy for lunch at City Square.After a quick walkabout we decided on this place Paradise Inn.

 A simple decor with some wooden chairs inside and stood on the outside.

Peanut.$1.50 Was soft and nice.

 Supreme Fried Rice.$12.90. Though,I did notice some of the rice grains were still quite white.The fried rice was nice ,had some nice wok hei to it.With some,fish eggs. prawns and scallops pieces,it was very tasty and quite additive.Tasting simple,yet very nice.

 Crispy Fried Prawn Roll.$8.90.When I saw the rolls fried coated with batter and I was not expecting much.But surprising it was not quite the same like what I have eaten in most places.

Bite into the crispy crackling outer coat,and reveal some creamy texture from the yam,with prawns and other stuffs.I was enjoying it,forgot to observe what was the other stuffs were.I really loved it,it was really very nice.

Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio in superior stock.$14.90.Though I have heard about this dishes on number of occasions.This is the first time trying this out.Well it did not excite has I  have expected.With just some spinach and eggs in soupy stock,it was okay but for the price not for me.

Pomfret Fish With Black Bean.$18.90.Surprising the fish tasted very fresh though I don't think they have a tank for live fish.

The black beans did blend very well with the steamed fish,giving it some very good flavour and taste,sightly a bit salty not overly salty,quite accepted with the black beans. I would still say it was very well and nicely done.

Service was below average, had very hard time to get their attention.Though only another 2 tables with 4 and 5 people occupying it.
Food was certainly above average at this branch.And do not mind having another go if I am visiting if around there.
Paradise Inn Somerset next.......

 Paradise Inn
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road

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