16 Aug 2011

Paradise Inn

Just 2 days later ,after City Square  link  we were at Somerset,We there to try something else.When buddy was quite persistence,when he saw the Paradise Inn. So a quick change of plan.

 Sitting was almost same as City Square.Very simple decor,with stools outside and chairs inside.

 Chinese Sausages Fried Rice.$10.00.It was a kind of okay,average,but not near as good as some places I have had before.Disappointing but can eat la.

 Hot Plate Tofu.$10.00.The tofu was soft,but not as soft as I what I expecting.The sauce with the minced meat was okay,but something certainly was  amiss.It just did not complete the taste.I have to say it was just okay nothing bad,nothing to get excited about.

 Dong Po Pork.$12.00.The meat was soft,just melts in the mouth.Sauce was heavy,too starchy,salty could not taste anything much.

Stewed Egg Plant.$10.00.It tasted bland as it looked.We did not enjoy it.

 Minced Pork with Salted Fish.$8.00.Maybe this was life saver I think.The minced meat was soft,well marinated,with chucks of salted fish and chestnut,it was not overly salt,quite nice and tasty.Maybe after having such disappointing dishes after dishes,this certainly tasted a whole lot better.Certainly not outstanding.But was good enough.

Seafood Vermicelli.$12.00.The disappointment continues...  With some prawns and fried fish,The bee hoon was quite wet,but some portion still semi cooked.It was tasteless,bland.I have had better tasting morning soya bee hoon than this.

 Mango Sago & Mango Pudding,Both  $3.80.
Rock Melon Sago & Ah Balling w Red Bean.Both $3.50.
What  was shown on the pictures and what was served were completely deceiving.
The serving portion were pathetically way too little,almost just filled at the end of the bottom end.
Rightfully given such tiny portion.We just did not even bother to take much of a second helping.I have eaten a lot better of any of the above,in just a very ordinary dessert stall.Not worth it at all.In fact it was a big joke.Laugh it off ha.. ha..ha...

Overall I just could not believe the big difference managed by the same establishment.Of course I expected a bit low or high in taste and standard,but this was nowhere near comparable  to City Square,this place was surprising very disappointing.
But some how the they managed to uphold the same service standard..With almost empty tables around our sight, the wait staff were always not on sight....

Paradise Inn
313 @ Somerset
313 Orchard Road


  1. Next time you go Paradise Inn, you could try their wasabi prawn.