23 Aug 2011

The Song Of India

 Set lunch.....or is it a buffet...

The song is about service... about ambiance.... song is about ambiance...ambiance....
Great ambiance,great settings.

There was slight drizzle has we were walking through the gates.From the entrance as we walked through the gates,the surrounding of the  greens, the simple wooden path,to the table setting below.The cool settings were eye pleasing.The ambiance just takes over the atmosphere .

With big welcome smile from the manager at the entrance on top of the stairs made us so welcomed.The setting,decor and the service inside,made us feel like royalty from the very beginning.It was a weekday lunch and there were more than decent number of patrons.

 A see through kitchen which is becoming more common sight in North Indian Restaurant.

On the house papadam  and chutneys.Nice appetizer.

The starters,started very well very simple chats,something make from sweet potato.Very light,soft, very  tasty and the sauces gave another extra touch to it.Very nice.

This was some kind of bean soup,it tasted like half  broth  chicken soup with light faint bean taste.The flavour and the taste,did not really come through for us.

The main course was served in,what looked like an artist palate .Served in tiny portion.there were Chicken Masala Tikka,Fish Curry,Kebab.Veges were Yellow Dal and Vegetable Palak and cute small glass of Strawberry Lassi.  Just has I was getting worried with the tiny portion.But surprise! surprise!...
A big surprise was this set meal can be reordered.Yes it can be refurnished.And as much as you like to have.Now this sounds more of a mini ala carte buffet than set lunch.
Okay!...now back to the food.

Fish curry.The curry was okay.But the fish used was...maybe seabass or dory fillet.Which did not add much flavour to the curry gravy and fish was very soft without any flakiness in it. Did not order for second helping.
The mini strawberry lassi was sightly thicken,nicely flavoured,not over sweet very nice.Forgot to reorder.

The chicken tikka malasa was very heavy,too thick ,was quite sourish tasting.If this is what chef wanted to serve.Sorry it did not go well with us.I was the only one eating the reorder dish.Trying to get my monies worth.

The kebab was well marinated,the flavours and the spices were there but it was semi cooked.Maybe done on purpose to retain the softness of the meat.Did not quite really went well with us. Maybe next time  I would ask it to be cooked another minute or two.

The saffron  rice.Was very lightly flavoured.Maybe with just the gee for flavouring But it did combine well with all the stuffs.And was quite refreshing from the heavy tasting saffron rice.

Now comes the life savers the Vegetable Palak and the Yellow Dal.They were really quite nice.With the right amount of thickness and taste.They went very well with the Naans.

Oh yes!the Naans...the Naans here on this day,were superb.These were plain naans it was already tasting fantastic.Yes the naans too,can be reorder and free flow.

Order the Butter Naans .These were not only fantastic,it was simply awesome.The dough seasoning was one of the best I have come cross.With some crispiness and a soft spongy interior and tasting like a millon dollar buck.Simply both these naans were some of  the best naans I ever had.Maybe  the best naans I have had so far..Simply fantastically awesome.
We order another 2 rounds of butter naans and mopped clean both the refilled vegetable gravies.I even forgot to take a snap shot of the butter naans till it was almost going to finish on our second round order.
In fact the naans do not need any gravies at all,they were just simply fabulous on their own.

 Desserts did not disappoint.It was eye pleaser and was very nice and refreshing.

 The course ended with malasa tea.It was luke warm.They had the tea ready when they served the dessert platter.But still it was still very nice.
Service was very good.The wait staff were always on the look out and attended very promptly.

Overall with such a beautiful location,wonderful setting and fabulous ambiance,it should be there among the top.
But somehow the meat dishes did disappoint on this occasion.Maybe not their day.Hopefully it turns out better next time around.
Other dishes were quite nice and made up for the disappointment.
And not to forget,they had some awesome Naans.Fantastic service.Great ambiance.
More over a set lunch that can be reorder and refilled again and again.Ha..ha..ha.seriously it's has to be a joke.But it is not a joke.

Will I go back....Call  me crazy...call me cuckoo.
The sweet talking Operation Manager,manage to convince me to buy,some discounted vouchers.Which is a buffet lunch voucher,valid till 31/10/11,injunction with their 5th year anniversary .
Chances I might be going again, before the dead line.
Hopefully the meat dishes does live up to expectation.

The Song Of India
33 Scotts Road

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