27 Sep 2011


How,so much I love pizza but I stop taking pizza some over 25 years ago....from pizza joint.
And only baked my own pizza at home.

Yes!,I love pizza but there is problem for me,if I wanted to have pizza, in a pizza joint.I don't take beef products.

22 Sep 2011

Lin Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles

They have a very popular  fishball noodles stall.And well known by all fishball noodles lovers.I have had try their noodles at their main branch at Toa Payoh before at Chao Zhou Fishball with much cheaper price.
Well  at Ion food court certainly the prices are not going to be the same.

17 Sep 2011


We were at Holland Village around lunch time.When buddy's said "Let try this place",I was quite sceptical about going here.I read some not so flavourable reviews on this place.But you know buddy can be very persistence when decides on something.

13 Sep 2011

Pagi Sore

Had this argue to try Indonesian food.After going through some restaurant decided on Pagi Sore.I have been to this place,maybe some decade ago.....This place has been in operation for over 2 decades,and it is always jammed pack during business hours lunch time.
So we decided on a weekend.There was steady light occupant in but still quite lot of space around.....

 This is a no frills ,no fancy decor.Just a simple,clean eatery

3 Sep 2011

Summer Palace

This was for Buddy's birthday treat.I really wanted  to impress Buddy.After going through a number of reviews,blog and suggestions.This place with some very high reviews popping out here and there.I decided on Summer Palace.