17 Sep 2011


We were at Holland Village around lunch time.When buddy's said "Let try this place",I was quite sceptical about going here.I read some not so flavourable reviews on this place.But you know buddy can be very persistence when decides on something.

 Actually it's quite a small place,indoor and outside sitting concept simple,no fancy decor, .Open kitchen concept ,all the  fragrant of the cooking lingers indoor and on you.

Garlic bread.$7.90.Was okay,was not as crispy as I would have wanted it.But still not bad.

Frito Ai Calamari(Deep fried Calamari) $13.90.The Calamari was very well evenly coated.It's was very crispy,crackling with bite.The batter was very well seasoned,yet the calamari so soft and tender inside,very tasty.Really very siok..The accompanying light salad was divine. Sure to order again,if I go again.One of the best fried Calamari I have had in a long time.Simply awesome.

Creama Di Funhi.Wild Mushroom Cream Soup.$7.90.The first scoop did disappoint.It was watery,could not taste the ceraminess.I am so used to the thicken version.But as I had more,the taste gradually over took my paranoid.The creaminess was there,the flavour of the mushroom was so over powering and taste just takes over the natural way without the thickening sauce.This really very nice in different way.Have to try again.

Aragosta Alla Griglia( Grilled Green Shell Lobster with Extra Virgin Olive with Pasta).$39.90.The Lobster was slightly over cooked,we asked for without cheese.The pasta was  perfectly al dente,but quite plain tasting with just olive oil used as seasoning.But still quite refreshing for a plain tasting pasta. Not in list to order again.

 Merluzzo Al Foron Con Burro Alle Erbe.(Oven Baked Black Cod Fillet with Butter Herbs).$34.90.This was another master piece.It just had enough crispiness on top.With super fresh,soft,very flaky flesh,just bursting out with it's own natural flavours.The accompanying salad just add to the already awesome Cod.One of the better Cod I have had.Superb Cod..

 Lombata D'Agnell Alla Griglia.(Shallow Fried Rack Of Lamb in Rosemary Juice).$37.90.I had it well done.Sealed with it's own nautral juices and flavour.It was very lightly flavoured and lightly salted.Could not really taste the flavour of the rosemary.But it was still very tender,soft and moist.It was good enough for me.

Tiramisu.$10.90.I really did not not knowTiramisu could taste this good.Wow!super soft,superb moist,very air light sponginess,almost weightless.Just dissolves,disappears  in the mouth.Awesome.Surely one of the Tiramisu to beat.Superb.
 Mango Passion.$9.90.With the right amount of sweetness and flavouring.The mango flavouring was just nice not overly done.It was light,soft,moist.Was very nice.No complain.Don't mind ordering again.

Overall I have to thank buddy for his persistence.This was one fantastic lunch.Almost nearly all the dishes stood out on it's own.The Calamari,Cod,Tiramisu were just outstanding.
The mushroom soup,lamb and mango passion were all above average.Already planning another trip.

This shows never trust any review,even mine.Maybe they have their on day and their off day.On  this day they were just in top form.Hope they maintain their form on my next trip.

Amici Authentic Italian Restaurant
275 Holland Village

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