22 Sep 2011

Lin Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles

They have a very popular  fishball noodles stall.And well known by all fishball noodles lovers.I have had try their noodles at their main branch at Toa Payoh before at Chao Zhou Fishball with much cheaper price.
Well  at Ion food court certainly the prices are not going to be the same.

 $5.00 you get 7 fishballs with soup and noodles.And looking around at the prices of the other stalls around,this might as well be quite a reasonable price.

Meet the stars."The fishballs"... These fishballs here were much bigger than their main branch.They were very nicely flavoured,smooth, very bouncy,springy.

They were crunchy,still bouncy and springy while still biting and chewing into it.Taste will certainly linker in your mouth,it is never going to be enough.Worth the price.Yes! certainly one of best fishballs around.A must for any fishball lover.

But I can't say much about the noodles.Slightly soggy,over cooked.The chilly was so so,it did not add anything much,to the much needed punch.But certianly not bad. Can do la but can do without also.

Overall one of the best fishballs you can have.But noodles certainly need some improvement.

Lin Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles
 Food Opera( Food Court)
ION Orchard Basement 4
2 orchard Turn

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