13 Sep 2011

Pagi Sore

Had this argue to try Indonesian food.After going through some restaurant decided on Pagi Sore.I have been to this place,maybe some decade ago.....This place has been in operation for over 2 decades,and it is always jammed pack during business hours lunch time.
So we decided on a weekend.There was steady light occupant in but still quite lot of space around.....

 This is a no frills ,no fancy decor.Just a simple,clean eatery

Appetizer Keropok Barinjau $1.00/Sambal Belachan $0.30cents.
Well they served it on the table,we though it free.And had 2 refill of kerpoks and 3 sambal belachan.Eventually we were billed for it.The Keropok Barinjau was of the better one I have had so far.The sambal belachan was spicy but not spicy hot.It very nice went very well with keropok.
 Rice $1.50.They were all wrapped in  banana leave.Served steaming hot everytime.

 Though the rice was $1.50 per person, but it was free flow thereafter,so can reorder the rice at no extra charge.The rice was fragrant,perfectly cooked,tasty.

 Ayam Panggang $5.80.This is not the not like the one you get at the food centre.Where you get black sauce on top of the chicken.The sauce and chicken were BBQ together.Chicken was well marinated it was soft,tender,tasty.

Ayam Bail.$6.80.This was served boneless,thigh part.Marination was very nice.Slight,light sweetness,light soya.The chicken was super tender,soft,still maintaining  the juices inside.Very nice.

Kepala Ikan Merah Asam Pedas.$26.50.The gravy was kind of watery but was still very tasty.Not overly sour nor spicy nor sweet.It was quite very well balance.The snapper fish was big,very fresh,with lot of flesh and veges .I have no complain.Don't mind ordering again but the price does matter.It was only half a fish head.

 Cumi Bali.$15.80.This was a gem.Did not know a BBQ cuttlefish could taste so good.It was so perfectly cooked.There was very slight chewiness.It was so soft,very tender,almost had the melt in the mouth feel but still had quite bite to it.And the marination and seasoning, just add to the flavour and taste of the dish.Simple but awesome.

Ayam Goreng Bumbu.$5.80.This was way too ordinary to comment.A simple fried chicken chicken.Maybe it was okay but when you eaten the above chickens this does not stand in line with them.

Ikan Bakar Bali.$25.50.The Seabass was fresh tasting,quite big.It was soft,flaky not over cooked ,just right.Marination was good.Infact this very well done,very nice.Again the price does the inference.

 Kepak Isi Pasgedel.$5.80.This was a surprise.A simple marinated fried chicken wing.But it burst into flavour with a simple stuffed potato filling.With crispy exterior and soft mushy inside.it just blended very well.This was worth the price.

Tahu Telor.$9.80.The egg tahu was super soft,just melts in the mouth.It was very nice on it's own.Well the sauce really did not do any justice to the tahu.But egg tahu was worth on it's own.

Tumis Buncis Belachan.(Stir Fried French Beans with Belachan Chilli).$6.80.Sambal was light not overly spicy,Had nice crunch to it.Nice and tasty.

Kangkong Sambal.$7.80.The sambal it did not overwhelm,not overly spicy,not overly wet,blended very well with the perfect crunchy Kangkong.Though the serving portion was little,worth another try.

Terung Tau Chio.(Brinjal in Special Salted Soya Bean Sauce)$7.80.Another little served portion.But this dish blew me away.The bringal was super soft but still had the favour and juices intact.The special sauce was a prefect blended.A must order next time around.Fantastically good.

 Chendol.$4.80.Was nice enough to be ordered twice.

Almost all the serving portion were quite little for the price.
If you are looking for spicy hot stuff,sorry it's not it.But if looking for well balance light spicy and tasty food it's a must try.Though the serving portion were quite little,the quality and taste made up for it.Worth another trip.

Pagi Sore
88/90 Telok Ayer Street
Far East Square

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