27 Sep 2011


How,so much I love pizza but I stop taking pizza some over 25 years ago....from pizza joint.
And only baked my own pizza at home.

Yes!,I love pizza but there is problem for me,if I wanted to have pizza, in a pizza joint.I don't take beef products.

Then there is cheese which I love to have too.But contrary to what some people might think cheese is not made entirely made from milk nor it is consider vegetarian.Cheese  has a substance(enzymes) call rennet or rennin , which is used in coagulating(culture) the cheese.

And over 97% of the cheese in the market here,are made from cow's rennet.And cow's rennet are made from the fourth stomach of milk-fed calves.After going through cleaning,drying and some other process,rennin is extracted.Which is the main culturing agent in most of the cheese.

But luckily,, there are some option open for people like me.Yes,there are vegetarian and microbial rennet, which can be use to culture the cheese.But very  few brands are released here and very few restaurant tend to use this.But it has improve alot from some years back.

Many a times I have written to pizza companies,asking about the information about their rennet in their cheese.Some do answer,some just do not answer.Some do not know what I am talking or asking about.

Some, even in hi end Italian restaurant just say "we use cheddar and mozzarella","buffalo mozzarella","cheese from milk","there is no rennet."

So comes,Spizza to my recuse.Moreover Wood Fire Pizza.just imagine my joy.

After some emails and after confirming,they do provide vegetarian and microbial rennet has an option upon request.(better to inform in advance about your request for the staff might not know about rennet).

My first was a delivery  order.

Delivery came on time but the dishes were all quite cold there were no heat in any of the items.But tasting the cold dishes make  me realise there was something special,especially about the pizza and the pasta.
After some 2 months later decided on dine in.

I made a call to the restaurant for my request but the staff did not know,what I was talking about and even said they do take such request.
After a email to the management side.They made my reservation and inform their staff about my requested dietary.
So now I am here at Spizza.And the staff  straight way told me,'he knows about my special request about cheese."

There was some road works going on.But it did not obstruct in any way.

  It's cool nice place.Indoor and alfresco sitting,just outside.

The wood fire oven was right long the entrance path.
 All the pizza were done from the scratch.

Steady flow of patron  were always in and out .Quite a number of takeaways were on the go all the time,I was there.

Caligola.(Calamari)$11.00.The calamari.were soft,tender  but was not as crispy as I might wanted it to be.Some had just a light crisp some did not have any crispiness to it.The side salad was very nice,lovely.Portion was quite small.

Garlic bread.$4.00.It was okay but it too was not quite crispy.The same side salad and loved it.

Mixed Salad.$11.00.We loved the salad so much we requested for the same salad,with the same dressing,which was served as a side for the above two.The salad was the same but dressing was  not the same.The staff told me  this was the dressing and gave vinaigrette.Without the original dressing  .Half the kick of the salad was gone..Very very small portion.

Trovatore(Pumpkin soup).$7.00.Slightly thick,smooth,creamy,mellow.Could taste the full flavour of the pumpkin.Just right,just nice.Very savoury.

Spaghetti Mixed Seafood.$11.00.Spaghetti was al dente,slippery,was just heaven in my mouth. The tomato sauce was very special.Almost tasted like it used some high quality ripe tomatoes.It had everything working for it.It had the right light sourness,thickness,the right intense flavouring.It was very savoury.It just too good own it's own.
The seafood of cuttlefish, and mussels were all very fresh tasting.This was simply superb.All the stuff just blended very well.One of the better tomato paste pasta I have had.I would have licked plate if there weren't so many patrons around.But wait....the prawns were missing.(My delivery order had some)

We had a large Donna $21.00.That's the name of this pizza.All the pizza here seem to have ladies name here.
With tomato base,topped mozzarella,artichokes,mushroom ham and olives.

One bite and wow! the smoky flavour you only can get from wood fire and the tomato base were just tantalizing the taste bud.The toppings were ample,the mozzarella,tomato base with all the stuffs were just blending in the mouth,was plain heaven.

After over 25 years or so,I am having my first freshly baked wood fire pizza.Words can't describe my feeling.Simply awesome.

Dessert. Latte hazel nut flavoured with Trismau set.$9.00.Latte was nice,Trismau was very decent.

Latte with Apple Tart Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream set..$9.00.Latte was okay.But apple tarts somehow tasted more to like banana tart.The ice cream was nice.

Overall I loved the smokiness of the wood fire in the pizza.This was  something very special for me,which only wood fire can produce.A must have pizza for me..
And not to forget the mixed seafood spaghetti in tomato paste which stood on it's own.A must try,if you love tomato paste pasta Another trip is certainly in my books.

271 Bukit Timah Road
Balmoral Plaza


  1. why dont u eat beef?

  2. I have to attribute this to my up bringing.Some of my Buddhist friends too don't take beef but they do take other meats like me.

  3. Does that mean you don't take milk & other dairy products & products derived from milk, including butter, margarine etc. In which case, you can't eat cookies, cakes, ice cream cuz they contain butter. your tiramisu contains mascarpone cheese too.

    Dude, it doesn't work this way. Buddhists just don't eat beef, that's all.

  4. Milk and other dairy product are obtain from cow's,which are still alive.Beef are products made from killed,dead cow.I do take dairy products.And nearly all soft cheeses, cream cheeses including mascarpone cheese, are made using citric acid for coagulating for softer smooth texture.And I did ask about the mascarpone cheese content.And I know a number of Buddhist friends who don't take cheese with cow's rennet.Most people presume cheese is entire made from milk and it is vegetarian.,and not aware of rennet content.

  5. I too find so weird people comparing dairy products to beef product.One is alive the other is dead.As simple has that.

  6. so rennin is extracted after the cow is dead. then how come you still can eat tiramisu then? i still dont it.

  7. still dont get it.

  8. Hi Anonymous, if you have read my above reply.Some abstract just for you from my above reply:
    "And nearly all soft cheeses, cream cheeses including mascarpone cheese, are made using "CITRIC ACID" for coagulating for softer smooth texture.And I did ask about the mascarpone cheese content which was not made from cow's rennet."

  9. Good news for you foodlovee.Do you know most of cheese produce in USA these days use only vegetarian or microbial rennet.

  10. Only just few years back i came to know about rennet in cheese.And was really shocked. i thought cheese was vegetarian made just by milk.After knowing about rennet in i thought all cheese had rennet.Thanks to you,now i want to go eat tiramisu.

  11. but i seems to me alot of vegetarians just go ahead and order "vegetarian" (meatless) pizzas in pizza joints thinking they are vegetarian because they contain no meat. Either they are not particular about the cheese used or are ignorant about the source of rennin. is spizza the only pizza joint that offers vegetarian cheese? any idea if original sin at holland village uses vegetarian cheese?

  12. Most of the the pizza joint and even in Italian restaurant they do not realise there is a rennet in cheese. Since Original Sin is vegetarian restaurant,I am quite sure they would know the content of their cheese but I will email just to make sure.

  13. Anonymous I emailed Original Sin 3 times .No respond from them.

  14. Just found this blog and would like to leave some comments.

    There are 2 types of non meat eaters - vegetarians & vegans. Vegetarians are just those who don't eat meat. Vegans are those who don't eat meat & don't consume dairy as well.

    On a side note, why is it so difficult for anyone to understand that besides muslims, there are those who have restrictions in their diets? In fact there are people who are not allowed to eat halal food because of their religious beliefs. So why must so many fast food joints be halal and yet serve beef? Isn't this just a discrimination against other religions?