3 Sep 2011

Summer Palace

This was for Buddy's birthday treat.I really wanted  to impress Buddy.After going through a number of reviews,blog and suggestions.This place with some very high reviews popping out here and there.I decided on Summer Palace.

The place did not much lavishing look.I found it to be quite simple for high class restaurant. There was quite a steady number of crowds coming all the while.

 After going through the menu.We decided on set menu name "prosperity set menu".

On the house  appetizer was pork belly with preserved veges.Was okay,a bit different but nothing exciting.

Steamed Lobster with Minced Garlic.This was very well timed steaming.It was soft,tender,juices flowed with a bite.The chopped garlic was surprising sweet tasting.Did not even need the light sauce glazed on the bottom of the plate.Very nice.

 Stir fried Shark Fin with Crab Meat and Fish Maw Soup.It looked very promising.The fish maw soup was slightly yellowish colour,very clear.Nothing distinguish in taste more to alight broth.The stir fried shark Fin was slightly salty,the seasoning and frying style,it did not click for both of us.We tasted this separately.

Even when mixed with the soup it did not have much desired effect on us.

Steam Soon hock with Black Fugus and Red Dates in Light Sauce.Three small peices of fish with the stuffs.The fish was soft,flaky,the sauce was nice okay,but did not Wow! us.

Braished Abalone with Home made Beancurd with Garden Green topped with Supreme Oyster Sauce.The beancurd was very soft.The Abalone and veges were quite okay.Nothing bad ,nothing great either.Was okay.

Fried Rice with Scallop and Egg White.Yes.there were peices of scallops and egg white,that's about exciting as it gets.It was way too average in taste,the wok hei was not complete,the flavours did not come out.Have had much better simpler fried rice,tasting way better.Way too average be served with this price tag.

Chilled Fresh Mango Puree with Sago and Pomelo.Disappointing....Ridiculous... milk was added...too watery.Could not taste the mango puree. More to a milk shake taste.Had better one's in hawkers center dessert stall.

The above were all as prosperity set meal.price at 128++ person .
Maybe we were expecting something, something to blow us out our socks but it did not happen.Surely it was prosperity for them.

Buddy and me were not quite satify.And it's his birthday and just can't let him leave hungry like this so...
we order some from the ala carte.

Signature Platter.$20.00.When this was served,we could not stop laughing.2 mini pieces of suckling pig.Maybe a quart of soft shell crab and A siew mai(it was suppose to be wasbi prawn we asked anything else without wasbi).Two miserable small pieces of suckling pig,and one hardly had any meat.When you get this tiny portion of course it tastes good.But it did not work wonders.And with a price tag of $20++  not again.

Roasted Pork(Sio bak).$12.00.I just could not belive that they would cut these to such thin slices for.Was it a joke?Come on,Sio Bak is mainly about the crackling of the skin and blended of fats and meat.With such thin slices did not get the crackling of the skin nor could taste the meat.A reasonable thickness would done some justice.I have had better sio bak,in a buffet meal.

Okay not giving up we tried some dim sum.

Prawn Roll with Mango.$4.00.(Prices were adjusted to the portion served.)
This was done very nicely with the mango in between the the prawn.Very crispy,with slight sour,sweetness from mango and fresh crunch from the prawn.this very nice,very good.

The chicken feet with Black Bean Sauce.$5.00.It was quite different from the usual style.It was overly soft,most likely flour added to the feet.A bit gummy,after some bites it tasted quite okay I think.

Pan Fried Turnip.Sorry,it did not live to expectation.Overly soft inside more to a floury taste.Could hardly taste any stuff inside,not even the turnip taste.And was not crispy either on top.Disappointing.

Steamed Bun with Salted Egg.$5.00.A simple bite the oozing of the yolk was wonderful.This was certainly one of better one I have had.The bun was soft,spongy,the oozing egg was very nice.

Service staff were very polite but did not live up to the reviews I read.Maybe the  waitstaff were quite busy...I think.They were within sight but unable to get their attention.Managed to get only after some time or when they came to serve.
Overall  we were not impress with food nor the prices that tagged along.Even at a cheaper price,I don't think it was for us.Only one or two items were good for us.

I should have left just after the set menu.But it's buddy's birthday.Tried to make him happy but it did not really work out.
Maybe these stuff's are not for ordinary lay man foodies, like us.
Sorry,we have no intention of  going again, in near future.Total damage around $359.00.for 2 people.

Summer Palace
The Regent Singapore
One Cuscaden Road

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  1. Yummy..I really want to taste the orientel food of Singapore.