28 Oct 2011


We were looking for some Italian restaurant.This place just pop up in buddy's head,we made a reservation on a Sunday.
It looked quite nice and cozy ,dining tables had white table clothes on it.We were let inside,buddy being heavy weight found it a bit tight and uncomfortable.

We requested for a table outside,got it immediately.This was much more spacious .There were certainly a steady flow of patrons always coming and leaving

22 Oct 2011

Charly T's

I have passed by this place quite a number of times,did not even know the building's name.But did notice this restaurant .Had very nice simple decor,cozy ambiance .

It's more like a fast food joint.But certainly with much better seating and quite comfortable .

The menu were displayed  at the counter.You have to place your order at the counter and take your seat.The food would be sent over to your table.

17 Oct 2011

Pow Sing

From Chicken Rice stall to a Chicken rice restaurant...  in business for over 30 years...still going very strong.

We already had our lunch at Serangoon Garden food centre.But temptation was great,we told ourselves we are just going to stick to chicken rice .

11 Oct 2011

Meilok Soursop Juice & more

Oh!how I missed my younger days.When I wanted soursop or any other fruits we had so many fruit trees all over my place.Fresh fruits ripped on the tree itself has no comparison to what we get from the stalls.
No more monkey climbing the tree to get  fresh ripe fruits from the trees.
And  tree ripe soursop are virtually a dream here.At times we can get some stalls selling soursop  but not that ripe or that fresh.So I have quite given up on the tree ripe taste of the fruits.

So the second best would be just go for the juice.

6 Oct 2011

Roszys Tiffin House

                                                      This place has Closed
Authentic Indonesian Food
Nasi Ambeng...

After lunch Buddy and me were walking around at Goldhill Square.When we spotted this restaurant with this pictures of rice and the dishes stacked on top of one another.On the spot we decided we will come here. The very next day we were here,came with another pal.

1 Oct 2011

Mdm Ho Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo

                                                   This place is closed
This stall was just set up around just over a month.Saw lunch crowds  packing the place.I join the pack ....