22 Oct 2011

Charly T's

I have passed by this place quite a number of times,did not even know the building's name.But did notice this restaurant .Had very nice simple decor,cozy ambiance .

It's more like a fast food joint.But certainly with much better seating and quite comfortable .

The menu were displayed  at the counter.You have to place your order at the counter and take your seat.The food would be sent over to your table.

We ordered the whole chicken $42.00.It was served with 4 sides and 4 addition.The chicken was seasoned,marinated very well.The staff told they marinated their chicken for about sixteen hours,before it hits the oven.

The chicken was soft,tender,easy to tear apart. The flavours of rosemary,pepper and some secret seasoning were very nice.Was not as juicy nor moist as I would have wanted,slightly on the dry side.But still very tasty by every means.

 The 4 sides we were Butter Rice,Baked Baby Potatoes,Coleslaw and Garden Salad.
All the sides were very nice and very reasonably tasty.We loved the garden salad with a touch balsamic vinegar,lightly salted,the dressing worked like magic.
We loved it so much.we ordered another....But the second one turn out to be very disappointing.The balsamic vinegar  was all over,over powering and salty,could hardly eat this.

 The 4 additions(It's just their home made sauces)But they gave us all 6 addition they had on this day... Original Spicy,Chermoula,Creamy Roasted Sesame,Ginger &Lemon Japanese,Kampong Amber with Roasted Peanuts,Kansas City BBQ.
Interesting sauces but did not quite excites us.Did not blend or compliment very well any of  the mains or the fries for us.

 Negima Salmon Yakitorir $18.00.I am not great fan of Japanese food.But this was very nicely done.No fishy tasty,lightly sauced not over powering.The Salmon was grilled perfectly,was  moist,flaky inside and crispy on the top skin.Nice..very nice.

 Kalua Pork $16.00.Three big chunks of belly pork skewer on a lemon grass stick.

Super soft,super tender,almost mushy,easily parts without effort..But I would have prefer it with some light bites to it.If you like it super soft,super tender...

Slow Simmered Chicken Soup $8.50.With some veges and chunks of chicken pieces.But sadly it did not quite work for us on the taste.

Calamari $9.50.Very crispy,soft,tender,moist inside.Surprising very tasty,very nice.But the portion was very little.

Charly T's Fries $8.50.Say what they want to say about their main stuffs.For us truly this was the real star of them all.Thick cuts,crispy,almost  could hear the crispy crackling  with every bite.Super light,moist,slight creaminess.Very lightly salted.Very natural tasting,superb fries by every means.
The fries did not go lame all the while, we were munching.We order another round of the fries at end of our meal.
Super Awesome fries....But sadly their sauces could not lift it to another level.(Missed ketchup and local chilly sauce.)Sure to order again on my next visit(I'll bring along my own chilly sauce sachets.)

 Charly T's Brownies with Hazelnut Ice Cream.$8.00.The brownies were wonderfully super moist,light and tasted heavenly.Ice cream was nice enough.

Molten Cake with Vanilla  Ice Cream.$10.00.The vanilla cream taste more pure,creamier,flavouring was very  nice.

The cake itself was super moist,feather light,Melts heavenly in the mouth.The melting chocolate was heavenly tasting,but was very little just glazing  the bottom part of the cake.But the super light moist cake was just too superb to notice the anything amiss.Heavenly treat..A must have on our next visit.

Overall ...Service was good,friendly.We loved the food.
And we certainly are going back again.


Charly T's
20 Handy Road
Level 1 Nomu (beside The Cathy)


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