1 Oct 2011

Mdm Ho Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo

                                                   This place is closed
This stall was just set up around just over a month.Saw lunch crowds  packing the place.I join the pack ....

Well if you expect to have some arrange of yong tau fu items,you are gonna be disappointed.
I had 2 visit and I can assure the items are gonna be the same everyday.

For $5.00 you get,a Tau Kee,Tau Pok,Mushroom,Ngoh Hiang(all filled with meat paste),a Fishball,some green leaves veges and noodle. The minced meat paste seasoning was very good with bits of crunchy chestnut obvious in every bites.The fishball was averaged.
 The chilly was very good,very tasty,but not very spicy hot.It blended very well with noodles and the other items.

The soup version($5.00) was okay.But did not have enough punch to excite.The dry version with chilly is certainly the way to go.

 Overall,though it was nice but with the same fives  items (excluding the noodles and veges) everyday?
With more different variety of items would certainly pursue me for more return visits.
The guy manning the stall,told me he is keeping it in line with his grandmother's traditional  version of Hakka Yong Tau Fu with these five items.

Mdm Ho Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo
Gold Hill Centre
159 Thomson Road

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