11 Oct 2011

Meilok Soursop Juice & more

Oh!how I missed my younger days.When I wanted soursop or any other fruits we had so many fruit trees all over my place.Fresh fruits ripped on the tree itself has no comparison to what we get from the stalls.
No more monkey climbing the tree to get  fresh ripe fruits from the trees.
And  tree ripe soursop are virtually a dream here.At times we can get some stalls selling soursop  but not that ripe or that fresh.So I have quite given up on the tree ripe taste of the fruits.

So the second best would be just go for the juice.
I have tried some  juice stall that sell soursop juice,for me so far no other comes close to this stall.And so this is one stall I never forget to have my soursop juice whenever I visit this food centre.

Sadly we don't really get a real pure soursop juice..Thai lemon and sugar syrup  are added to give extra flavour,punch and taste to it.

Quite a sum of pulps are thrown in.(They fresh pulps not the canned version).
The mixture and the blend of the above stuffs together, really  goes very well with  unique soursop flavour.Very refreshing and very yummmy drink.$2.50
 A must try soursop juice.

Meilok Soursop Juice & more
Old Airport Road Food Centre.

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