28 Oct 2011


We were looking for some Italian restaurant.This place just pop up in buddy's head,we made a reservation on a Sunday.
It looked quite nice and cozy ,dining tables had white table clothes on it.We were let inside,buddy being heavy weight found it a bit tight and uncomfortable.

We requested for a table outside,got it immediately.This was much more spacious .There were certainly a steady flow of patrons always coming and leaving

Bread  and Ciabatta were foc, free flow served with olive oil,balsamic vinegar and red bean sauce.The red bean was very interesting and nice.They only served a single piece each time.It was warm slightly crispy since foc I have no complains.We did have it a couple of times, even asking for 2 or 3 breads to be served at one time.

Calamari Fritti.$18.00.Surprising the  portion was quite huge.Very fresh tasting.Not as crispy as I  would have wanted it to be,some crispiness here and there.But the calamari were very soft,tender with slight chewiness and the seasoning and flavouring were just too good to be ignore. Sure to order again if go again.

Fruitti Di Calamari (Seafood Pasta) $32.00.There were 3 sauces to choose from,we opted for tomato sauce.A single bite the freshness of tomato bursts with tantalizing flavours  in the mouth.The flavouring was one of  the better one I have had in a long while.All the seafood stuff very fresh tasting and complimented the dish very well.Super siok!..

 Merluzzo con Asparagi.$42.00.Chilean Cod served with Asparagus,ginger carrot pruee with bed Patato Au Gratin minus the Marsala glaze. The cod was done very nicely.Crispy outer skin,soft,flaky tasty flesh.the asparagus and carrot puree went well with cod.

I did not try the potato but buddy said it was simply superb.But the whole portion were quite little

Agnello di Michelangelo.Lamb rack $40.00.It was char grilled,well done.But was done so perfectly.The lamb was moist,the juices flowed when bite into it.The seasoning and flavouring were very nice.

The veges and mashed potato complimented the lamb very well.

Sticky Pudding.$13.00.This was one of their signature dessert.But it really did not excite us taste wise it tasted more to some Malay kueh.

Panna Cotta.$13.00.The smooth creamy pudding just slips through the mouth,with tantalizing ease.The fruit coulis,and berries were adding,awesome flavour and taste to the pudding  This was certainly one of the better Panna Cotta I have had.Simply awesome.

Tiramisu.$13.00.Super feather light,super moist,just disappears in the mouth.Flavouring and accompanying sauces and garnish were superb.Simply outstanding by all means certainly one of the Tiramisu to beat.Outstandingly Superb... awesome...

Service was okay.There was this Fujian waitstaff  chatty and friendly.Making our day there.
Prices were certainly on the high side.But food and ambiance had a very good feel to it.Another visit is certainly in our cards.

Blk 44 Jalan Merah Saga
Chips Bees Gardens
Holland  Village