17 Oct 2011

Pow Sing

From Chicken Rice stall to a Chicken rice restaurant...  in business for over 30 years...still going very strong.

We already had our lunch at Serangoon Garden food centre.But temptation was great,we told ourselves we are just going to stick to chicken rice .

They have 2 restaurants just side by side.Expectation was high when we stepped into this place.The menu was quite extensive and they have Peranakan food too.

 The place was very family friendly, noisy,almost like a fish market .But this was what it was like 30 years back.But the place was very neat,clean and aircon. 
Surprising the pricing for the chicken rice was as same as any coffeeshop stall.Maybe cheaper considering the size.

Half a chicken($12.00),some innards($2.00) and an egg(0.50).The chicken was with bone and was huge,with big cuts.One bite brought back flashes of yesteryear's memories.
This is not the super smooth,super soft,super tender melt in your mouth kind you have nowadays.This was  smooth soft,tender.moist,juicy with alot of bite to it with the soy sesame oil taste.It was heavenly.Like the chicken served decades back.Close to old school,yesteryear year white chicken taste.The rice was flavourful very decent.

The innards for $2.00 was quite alot.The chilly did not taste to the yesteryear but was nice in it's own way.

Charsiews & Sio Bak.$5.00.Served with the black sauce,char siew was slightly dry but tasty.Sio bak seasoning was good but crackling skin was mild.I would order again.

I know...we wanted stick just chicken rice.But when we saw this on table next us.... now it's on our table.
Tau Fu $ 8.00.The tau fu was soft,lightly melts easily in the mouth.The sauce was nice,had some sio bak and leeks added to it.Had some mild old school taste.I don't mind ordering again.

Towkay $8.00.Seem quite pricy and the taste ....there some wrong with the taste.
Seems like the roots of the towkay were rotten,the odour was mildly strong.We had a scoop and we did not touch it.
But when we wanted to paid the bill,the waitress wanted pack it for us.We said no thanks,she ask why not.We told her the reason.
She brought back the dish to someone incharge there.He took it to the kitchen,came back to us apologise ,and did not charge for it.

Service was surprising very good the waitress were friendly,could easily get their attention.
Overall this is about some old fashion chicken rice.And I loved and enjoyed everything we paid for.
For some old school taste....A return visit is in plan. .

Pow Sing Kitchen
59 Serangoon Garden Way

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