6 Oct 2011

Roszys Tiffin House

                                                      This place has Closed
Authentic Indonesian Food
Nasi Ambeng...

After lunch Buddy and me were walking around at Goldhill Square.When we spotted this restaurant with this pictures of rice and the dishes stacked on top of one another.On the spot we decided we will come here. The very next day we were here,came with another pal.

It is very clean,neat,nice place.The dishes were pre cooked and were in  the display counter(I thought it was cooked when ordered.We order Nasi Ambeng for 3 people.

Were given some Mango Sambal with Binjai chips.The crackers went very well with light sweet mango sambal and was not spicy at all.

Nasi Ambeng $18.00 per person.The Nasi Ambeng was beautiully arranged and stacked.
On top were Fried Fish,Tempe,Begedel,,Brinjal and Tau Fu,3 pieces each only.The fish,potato patties and brigal were all  fresh tasting,okay nice.The tempe and ta fu did not taste quite fresh.The tau was hard ,like been in the fridge for sometime.

Remove the top items.On the bottom portion,were Sambal Goreng.Long Beans,Achar and Serunding(coconut floss)).In the sambal gorgeng,the tau fu and tempe did not taste quite fresh either,the prawns were okay.The rest of the stuff were okay.

Removed the banana leaf , you see the rice and cucumber.The rice was quite fragrant,cucumber was fresh.
Wait a minute... there were still more dishes in this set.Yes,it came together with the set.We got choose 3 other mains from the 4 dishes offer for the main.

We had Ayam Masak Merah,Ayam Lemak,and Mutton Rendang.

The ayam merah was good ,the sauce was nice.Was perfectly delicious with the rice.

The Merah,Ayam Lemak was exactly quite good would have been very delicious if not for been over salty.

Mutton was fantastic, was superbly tender,soft and the rendang sauce so very nice.Sure to order again.

We order Pacri(pineapple pickel) $3.00and Chendol $3.50,both were quite disappointing.The pineapple was so soggy and the flavour of what seems like cloves were over powering.

The Chedol's coconut milk was very,very thick,pre- packed coconut milk and the green chendols were very bland,had no  taste at all.Not much ingredients other than palm seeds

Overall the Nasi Ambeng was very nice but it's all about the novelty of  the way the Nasi Ambeng was presented and served.Only the tau fu and tempe had some problems on this day.
But then the price of $54.00 for 3 people for the set, looks quite on the steep side.
Other wise eating this way, was quite interesting and  a nice experience.Buddy wants to come back again.

GoldHill Centre
51 Thomson Road

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