1 Nov 2011

Founder Bak Kut Teh

Rangoon Road.....
Just opened less than 2 months at Rangoon Road ...It's name itself is enough to bring the crowds and surely enough the patrons do jam this place.The place is not really that small but lunch time crowds can be crazy.

 The place has inner aircon seatings and outside seats.I was there around lunch time and waited for 20 minutes for a table and another 20 minutes for the orders to arrive.

 The table was quite small for our orders it was full and my bak kut teh was not served yet and there were no other empty tables around either.Managed to shift some stuffs but had to hold my rice bowl in hand all the while.

Bak Kut Teh.$7.00.Mixed cut up ribs with one long rib.
The soup was simply superb.Yes,living up to it's name the soup broth had it's own distinct flavour and taste.Peppery but not overly peppery just right with a touch of class....Simply no mistaking, there rightfully amount the top bak kut teh broth.
 Prime Ribs.$8.00.2 long ribs.

 One was very meaty,the other had slightly lesser meat on it but still meaty.The ribs were cooked to perfection.soft,tender easily falls of the bone,not overly cooked.And it had alot of meat on it,making it worth the money .It was really very super nice.

Mixed Organ soup.$6.00.There were enough chokeful of ingredients in the soup.All the stuff were soft,tender,fresh tasting.But broth was the same rib soup broth.We are quite used the salted veges' broth for organ soup.It was nearly the same taste just a slight very little difference,because of the ingredients in it.

Ter ka.$6.00.It was cooked very well,they cut up before serving.It was soft,very tender but very meaty.I would have prefer it have some fat and gel on it .But never the less it was very good in it's own way.

Choy Sim with Oyster Sauce.$4.00.This was quite disappointing .The choy sim was quite lame,did not  have enough flavours.The sauce was thin,tasteless,,

 Peanuts.$2.00.It was nicely cooked.

 Tau Kee.$2.00.I have always been a sucker for tau kee.Need I say more..loved it...certainly biases.

Preserved Salted Vege.$2.00.This would be one of the better salted veges I have had.The flavouring was quite different.Had a very distinct taste to it, very nice.We had another plate.

Tau Pok.$2.00.This was quite disappointing.Was overly soaked,soggy,quite thin did not enough flesh in it.And the sauce did not not quite help it either.

 You Tiao $1.50. Have always loved  to dip,soak it in the soup.With this soup it was super siok.

The prices were certainly a bit steep.But this is certainly amount the top Bak Kut Teh.And a must try bak kut teh for any bak kut teh lovers,regardless of the price.


Founder Bak Kut Teh @Rangoon
154 Rangoon Road.
9.00a.m- 3.00p.m
Closed on Wednesday

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