20 Nov 2011

Kim Place Seafood

I have always had high regards for Kim's Hokkien Mee.
 But their other stuff did disappoint me.That was some 2 or 3 years back,when they were at the old premise just opposite their now new premise. I have had their normal  Hokkien Mee number of times before.On this day I had their XO Hokkien Mee.

 XO Hokkien Mee.$12.00.I have always thought their XO Hokkien mee was just added with oysters.But that's not the case.It's entirely a different style of Hokkien mee .

 The OX here was refer to the OX chilly sauce.The Hokkien mee  was mixed the OX sauce,with rest of the normal ingredients of cuttlefish,prawns,lards.And topped with their premiere stars....thick,fat,juicy Oysters.Taste wise,it was certainly quite unique.Across between Punggol mee goreng and Hokkien mee.Not spicy,slightly watery.The flowing sauce was very tasty.The mixture on the whole was very nice and tasty.We loved it.

 Grilled Tilapia .$18.00.Tilapia had always been a no,no in my list for fish.I don't know,but somehow we ended having this( staff's recommendation).But this dish just blew me away.This was fantastic.The fish was super fresh,flaky,nice texture,very tasty.The grill was prefect.And the accompanying sauce was another winner.Super siok!

Fish Maw Soup.$12.00.The portion was ample,soup was thick,smooth,not very starchy just right.

Had some crab meat,fish maw.Taste was quite nice.But the crab meat was not quite fresh.Other wise it was nice enough,

Seafood Fried Rice.$12.00.Portion was okay.The wok hei was good,well balanced,nicely fried.

 Sweet Potato leaves.$6.00.Nicely stir fried.Good enough .

Crispy Fried Sotong.$1200.Seem to have some black bean ,bbq sauce .Was very crispy,crunchy,quite unique taste.Nice.

 Chilly Crab.$52.00.Sauce was rich,thick,smooth,slightly sweet,tasty very well balanced.The Sri Lanka crabs were quite huge for the price,very  fresh,very meaty.The crab meat was sweet.It was heavenly siok..

 Mantous.$0.50 each.We had 12 of this.It was light,slightly crispy.Was super yummy mopping the chilly crab sauce.

Dessert.Ice Jelly/Corn Jelly.$2.00 each.Was okay.

Whenever I visit a place after sometime.I have always encounter a great drop in the standard their food.But here I was pleasantly surprise with the vast improvement .Another visit is in  plan.  

43 Joo Chiat Place.