7 Nov 2011


Cuppage Terrace....

Well to be honest,I did really did not know how we end at this place.The reviews by some were not so flavourable.But here we sitting for our lunch,enjoying the al fresco area this place.

The inside dinning area is aircon.The wooden tables and chairs had some rustic touch to it.They were still quite comfortable to dine on

The appetizer were foc and free flow.But we were not quite  impress with mini papadams.It did not have the kind of punch and the normal ones had.But the mango chutney and the mint sauce were okay.

Naan Basket.$12.00. The basket comprised of Plain,Garlic,Butter and Kashmir Naan.The naans were quite big infact these naans were biggest huge naans so far,I have had in a Indian restaurant.All the naans were fluffy, nice and tasty.

My flavourite there were the garlic naans.Had another 2 naans.$3.50 each.

Murgh Makhori Makhi.$21.00(Butter Chicken.)The chicken were soft,tender..The gravy was thick,smooth,creamy slight sweetness,mildly spiced.It complimented the chicken pieces very well.And very well with the naans.

Raan E Dum Kinara's Half.$33.00(Leg of Lamb Half).Well I really do not whether to hate or love it.The lamb was in the Tandoori menu.Thinking this would served has a grilled item from the tandoor oven,like the tandoori chickens.
But has you can see,it has been cooked with gravy..When I enquire about this they told,the lamb had been cooked in the tandoor and cooked again with spices.
Okay the lamb was very tasty no doubt it.It was very nice the spices were all working magic for the lamb.But for the price I don't think I will order again.

Kekra Goan.$17.50(Crab Gravy).Lightly mildly blended with spiced.The crab meats were very obvious.

With chokeful  of chucks and shredded pieces of crab meat.With tantalizing mellow taste,the flavouring was just fascinating.Super Awesome.

Kebab Tashitari.$42.00.(Mixed Grilled Platter.) Consisted 3 types of Tandoor Chickens,Mutton,Fish,Prawn and Kebab.All were very decent,nice enough.I must mention the prawn,it was king size big, grilled to perfection,crunchy,very fresh tasting.very nice but only a single piece.

 Dal Makain .$13.50/Gosht Briyani.$17.50(Mutton Briyani.)\Served in a brass pot and what look like small mini pail.

The dal gravy was thick,creamy,had some sweet taste to it.Nice but for $13.50 not again.

The mutton briyani was very fragrant.Flavours of the spices bursted with every bite.Rice was cooked right.Mutton was super soft, very tender,melts in your mouth feel, tasty.

Kekra Shobra.$7.00 (Crab Soup).We were at the end of our meal.After having the gravy crab, I just had to try the crab soup,

The taste was completely unique.Creamy,very lightly spiced,could bite some spices,some slight crunchy bites.Tasty,very nicely flavoured.I loved it.Sure going again just for this.

Kekra Cake.$7.50(Crab cake.)/Samosa.$5.00.Maybe I was expecting some to wow me again.The samoas was quite average,nothing to comment.For $5.00 I won't order again.

 Crab Cake, every bite was full of meat.I think I would have been quite nice,maybe very nice but this time around,these crab cakes were overly salty.

Mango Lassi .$5.20/Masala Tea $4.20.Mango lassi was overly very sweet.The tea was not fragrant enough. Both not again for us.

All the the gravy stuffs went perfectly well with the naans. Service was normal okay.
Overall we all had a very pleasant meal.What we had on this day is good enough for a return visit.

31 Cuppage Terrace
Cuppage Road

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