31 Jan 2011

Wah Feng Wanton Mee

 Opening hours... anybody guess.....

You won't notice this stall,number of times I went the stall was closed.But when you see,the unusual long queue snaking along,that is the sign that the stall is open for the day.They don't really have fix day for opening,they open when they feel like it.And when they are open,there is bound to be a very long queue from the time they open to time they close.

I have been eyeing this stall for some time,when I once saw a very long queue.Went 3 or 4 times the stall was closed.Try to find out the opening hours without luck.
On this day I was lucky they were opened for the day.With same long queue to content with,I had no choice.I am not going to miss this chance to have it.
I joined the queue.But suprising the waiting time was not as bad as I thought,the queue moved quite fast.

28 Jan 2011

Boyan Beach Road Power

                                    This stall is closed
Nasi Padang Bawean......

I was here having my favourite briyani, link ,when a very familiar  face came to chat with me.This was the lady I and my kakis were looking for,close to 6 months.She was at,one of my flavourite stall,"Nasi Bawean" at Desker Road.
She and a few of her helpers left the stall,after a rift between them(they all related) .
A very friendly, chatty lady she was telling me,how much she has lost setting up this stall,with very poor business for the  last few months.
But it's quite okay now,business have started to pick up. Of course,things will pick up knowing what to expect from her.

24 Jan 2011

Old Puggol Satay

Really!what so interesting about eating a piece of meat on a skewer stick......

..asked my friend,when I suggested that these satays' are quite good.Well this guy(Joe)ate only once in his life and had never touch one ever since.

21 Jan 2011

Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

Zi Jin Cheng Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice......

This write was suppose to be done months ago.But when I was about to write  heard the FC was going to be renovated within a 2 weeks.So I just shelved my write up.Now the  renovation are over the stalls are back.Just visited the FC........

17 Jan 2011

Smashed Chicken Rice

Nasi Ayam Penyet.....Bedok FC...

Yes these chickens are smashed.....

 These chickens are deep fried and smashed with a mallet just before being served.....

13 Jan 2011

Koung's Wan Tan Mee

Formly from Geylang  Lor 13....

Now located in a corner coffeeshop along Sims Ave,at the junction of  Lor 21 Geylang.

This is a very popular stall .As usual  like any popular stall the waiting time can be quite long especially during peak hours.So if  you to like try,try going off peak hours.The opening hours are quite long.

8 Jan 2011

To-Ricos Guo Shi

A legend from  Blanco Court...still going strong...no.. getting better

I have eaten this Kway Chap back in Blanco Court days,a few times  before upgrading at Old Airport and at the Temporary site.And all those times I just felt this was good,quite okay.But nothing really wowing here.

3 Jan 2011

The Seafood International Restaurant & Market

Ala Carte Buffet...........

This is a very big place with 2 wings,alfresco and main dining area.  From what I saw could easily seat about over 400 people.

Some amateur kakis tagged along to this ala carte  buffet,when the dishes were served,they started to complain how little and how small the portions were.I had to ensure in a ala carte buffet small portion are good and the restaurant really wants us to try as many dishes as we could.And we could reorder most of the dishes.

The following dishes are one order only...