30 May 2011

Going around to this food centre and you love chicken rice.....

Then not miss,is this Chicken Rice stall.
Though I have eaten at this chicken rice a few times it really did not occur to me, just how good the chicken rice was, especially the rice.

24 May 2011


Was at Golden Mile Food Centre for lunch,wanted something light,tummy not so good.Looking around I ended up in front of this stall.

Gado Gado.Order gado gado with satay $4.50.Without satay $3.00.

20 May 2011

Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff

Super Crispy Curry Puff..........

This are extra crispy version of the popular curry puffs.I have to say,I don't quite like this version of curry puff at most of the places I have had tried,very few that came to my liking and this "Wang Wang" is one of the few I don't mind having.It's very crispy,crackling and crumpling with every bite.

14 May 2011

Al Qasr

Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine

I had for sometime wanted to try out this place. A Middle East Cuisine.
We were searching around,we covered the whole length of the lane.We bypassed the place twice, before we managed to pin the place.If you walk along the inner path of the shophouses,maybe you would end up like us.It is  right in the end or is it the beinging of the lane....

9 May 2011

Ice Rockz

No time to seat and eat your favourite Nasi Lemak or Chicken Rice....
Have a Nasi Lemak or Chicken Rice on the Goooo......
Have a Nasi Lemak or Chicken Rice Burger

This is a small place,selling drinks,like bubble tea.But they have a innovative idea...and they selling our very local and popular,and one of my favourite dish.......

3 May 2011

Golden Mile Special Yong Tau Foo

This stalls has been at it for .......

I first had this Yong Tau Foo maybe,some 25 years back.I have eaten,on quite a number occasion even recently a few times.