18 Dec 2012

Wo Peng   

 We loved the crab bee hoon at Furma .But the crab was so small.So we decide we'll try the main branch at Macpherson......

Stir Fried Sea Cucumber with HK Kai Lan,Bai Ling & Shrimp Roe.$28.00.Of course we are not just going to have bee hoon.The Kai Lan was blanched prefect,quite different tasting 

1 Dec 2012

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh
 Havelock Road

This stall was just recently awarded the Hawkers Masters 2012 for the best Bak Kut Teh.

I have had this Ya Hua BKT at Keppel Branch couple of times back 2 years ago,but not the Havelock Branch.So decide I will give a try...

A simple coffee shop style environment.The floor was slightly slippery.We took our seat outside.

18 Nov 2012

Delhi Restaurant

On the house,pappams with onions and mint sauce.

20 Oct 2012

Ho Heng
Most properly the best well known Kway Chap in Yishun.

There is no hidding,I always go.. Ga..Ga..,when see a stand alone kway chap stall.

This stall is old has I can remember,as old has this place.Have eaten first at this stall,back maybe,close to 30 years.And still do quite occasionally.

8 Oct 2012

Yunos N Family

 I have been around this place so many times and have notice the never ending queues.I might have eaten here some 2 decades back.Very faith memory of this.
These people have over 50 years history in this buniness and about 30 years in this place.And still going strong.

Even around 3.30p.m,the queue speaks volume of their product.In this part of the food centre you can't miss the plates and the bowls from this stall.

26 Sep 2012

The Jungle Tandoor
Located along Serangoon road around Little India vicinity.You really cannot miss this place.

With some very striking tree like chairs,animals models.It is certainly an eye catcher.
The interior was surrounded with darkness.It took some time for our eyes to adjust.But still it was dark,only lighted very dimly.The photos were taken with flash thus showing much brighter.

16 Sep 2012

Mention ChatterBox.. what comes to anyones' mind...
Yes... their famous Chatterbox Chicken Rice.
With a price tag than can scare off anyone's wallet or purse ...Sometimes I think you must be crazy to spent some $30.00 on a plate of chicken rice.
Well I must admit I am abit nut loose at times.....And when the opportunity came I just took a chance
I just had to try it,at least once...
With so many chefs selling chicken rice, claiming to be from chatter box.So just how good does this compare to some much cheaper ones around.

Chicken Rice.$27.00++.Wow! With this price tag.It better be outstanding or at least there amount the top.The presentation was neat and nice to look.

5 Sep 2012

Wan Hao

Have heard so much about this restaurant.So when Buddy recommended this place for his birthday I was trill.......

1 Sep 2012


Indian Triangle Curry Puffs

I used find these type of Indian curry puffs easily available years backs.But now I have to go all the way to certain places to get this stuff.

20 Aug 2012

Wo Peng

This was pre treat for buddy.Though I have not come across much good reviews.Never the less we decided to give a try.

Nothing much of a decor.Just as old rustic simple  feel to it.

Carrot Cake with Preserved Sausages$3.80.Though I would have prefer slightly more charred fried,the carrot cakes were super soft melts in your mouth,had quite a bits of Turpin's with the sausages giving the extra touch.Very tasty.Worth the price.

14 Aug 2012

Four Seas

I have walked pass this stall so many times(for years).And I am just wondering how did I missed this stall.Just a glace at the tables around,plates and bowls from this stall,speaks volume of this stall. Crowds of old timers,had come out of their way just to have their dishes.This is even before the lunch crowd packs the food centre.
I had few visits before this write up....

Hor Fun $3.00.The hor fun was quite a welcoming slight, with a whole of ingredients,swimming around.

1 Aug 2012

 Mo Bo Lor Mee
This food centre has some good makan food for everyone.And a new player with new ideas??

Opened just couples of months back.This stall sells lor mee not just the tradition style.But with some new ideas to it??

25 Jul 2012

Gurney Drive

No I did not go to Penang.I just went to Ang Mo kio.Had about 3 visit before this write.

Premium Seafood Platter.$19.90.I have eaten this on 2 occasion .The first time I had this,the chilly sambal had a overwhelming lemon grass taste.The second time I had this it was more well balanced in flavour and taste.Nice Enough.

10 Jul 2012

Garden Street Kway Chap

This was one of my favourite stall,some 20 years back,when they were in Blanco Court,with 2 other kway chap stalls to compete,one being the ever popular To-Ricos Guo Shi.
I did visit this stall some years back. in this present place.When old man was still behind the stall.....Now is manned by a young man and a lady

3 Jul 2012

Grandma Mee Siam.

I have eaten at this stall on numerous occasion but somehow missed on a write up.

Tuck in Tekka Food Centre in the middle row,prepare to sweat it out.If gonna have a lunch over there.This has to be one of the most stuffiest food centre around.Well if you can bear the heat then try out at the Grandma.The name might advertise the mee siam but I usually go for the.....

26 Jun 2012

Grand Palki

Ocuppied formly by Iggys... .I first noticed this place when I recently went to Summer Palace.
Buddy called,he had some vouchers to the Grand Palki.

So here we are on Sunday for a  ala carte  lunch  buffet.

19 Jun 2012

Special Chilly Yong Tau Foo

I have first eaten at this stall, maybe close to 20 years.I do eat it occasionally.

They make most of the stuff by themself fresh daily.All the stuff tasted very fresh and light.Easy on the tummy..The soup is so..so...

12 Jun 2012

Boatman's Seafood Restaurant ....
A Chinese seafood restaurant..... in a Italian Pizza Restaurant.
A crazy thought you may think... but it's true...

With 2 Tyrannosaurus(T-Rex)  ... one just hatching out,welcoming you.How can anyone miss this place.The big mama Rex can move her head and her  body ,the baby seem to be laughing at the diners welcoming for his meal....Scary.. noooo..