12 Jun 2012

Boatman's Seafood Restaurant ....
A Chinese seafood restaurant..... in a Italian Pizza Restaurant.
A crazy thought you may think... but it's true...

With 2 Tyrannosaurus(T-Rex)  ... one just hatching out,welcoming you.How can anyone miss this place.The big mama Rex can move her head and her  body ,the baby seem to be laughing at the diners welcoming for his meal....Scary.. noooo..

This little girl was cheerfully talking to the T-Rexs.But got frighten upon seeing me and ran away..I know I look more scary than the Tyrannosaurus....

The place is very spacious occupying 3 lots with double storey and alfresco dining area.

With mini play area for children... while we pig out...
 Okay back to our topic...fooood!!!..

We started with White Bait with Garlic pepper(medium $18.00).The Baits were big,very crispy,fleshy,very crunchy and fresh tasting, with a lot of bite to it.Could easily be one of the best crispy Bait I have had.

DeepFried Squid Tentacles with Pepper and Garlic.($15.00).Not the usual calamari rings but the Tentacles.Very crispy,soft,slight chewiness,very nice to eat.

Baby Spinach with WhiteBait Garlic(med.$15.00).Spinach was very tender,the  bait and garlic combination,complimented the spinnach very well. The garlic were cut big chucks but still went very well with the taste.The stock was very tasty.

Tofu Seafood Claypot(med.$24.00).The Tofu was silky smooth just melts in the mouth.The prawns,fish,cuttlefish were all very fresh tasting.Veges and sauce added taste and flavour to the whole dish.Loved it.

Baked Prawns with Butter and Chinese Herbs.($35.00).The prawns were very fresh,crunchy,with the herbs there was a very strong bitter taste to it.My pals liked ..for me bitter no..no.But still I ate 3 prawns..
Steam MarbleGoby Teochew Style.The fish was silt in middle into 2 pieces.(I prefer a whole fish intact)With persevered veges and sour plums,the salt and sourness were bang on.All were just right.The steamed stock soup was simply awesome.The fish was very suckling,fresh tasting,very flaky.very well timed steaming.Simply Awesome.
DeepFried MarbleGoby Thai Style.(with the steam fish $112.00).Very crispy,very well fried.moist with a lot bite to it.Very fresh fish.the sauce was very well balanced.The veges, mango,pineapple,onion went very well.Very nice..
Singapore Chilly Crab($105.00 2 crabs).The crabs were big for the price.I have had been sold much smaller crab for this price on number of occasions.

The crabs were juicy,suckling,very fleshly.The sauce was a winner by all means.Comparable,maybe even better than some well known one around there.

Mantous.(0.50cents per piece)The  mantous were big,reminds me of yester year size.Went very well with the chilly crab sauce.
Fried Rice with Salted Fish.($12.00).The rice was quite dry.The flavours did not come out.Hardly could taste anything,was disappointing(Maybe our mistaken the menu had only" Fried rice with Salt Fish and Chicken,we requested without the chicken)

Ee Fu Mee with Seafood Garvy.(med.$15.00).The sauce was smooth.The noodle were cooked prefect,it just glide through the mouth.Seafood,veges added to the flavour.Certainly  one of the better  Ee Fu Mee I have had.Very nice.
Deep Fried Crab with Garlic and Pepper.($55.00).Deep fried but prefect,the meat was very moist,very suckling,and tasty.The garlic and pepper added more flavour to it.One of the better deep fried crab I have in long while.

Salted Egg Crab.($55.00).Sauce was creamy,smooth,tasty.Prefer abit drier but was still very yummy.

DeepFried Chicken with Lemon Sauce.($15.00).Chicken was very crispy,frying was prefect.The sauce went very well with the chicken.

DeepFried Sliced Grouper with special Sauce(med.$20.00).The sliced fish was fried to prefect ,moist,flaky,crispy.The sauce was nice but slight over sweet for my liking.

Dry Seafood HorFun.($8.00).Nice wok hei ,combination blended very well.Not oily,and no lard but was still very flavourful and tasty.

On the house Honeydew Sago.Sorry this was free,so,so,... no comments.

I must appreciate their honesty in weighting of the crab and fish.Being played out by most restaurant in the weight of the crabs and fishes.Here the prices for the fishes and crabs looked cheap for the size.

Most of the dishes exceeded our expectation. Certainly one the of the better ones, I have in quite a long while.

Overall my table service was very good,Very friendly chef(Micheal) making frequent rounds and welcoming the customer.
Even though there is no sign stating "Boatman's  Seafood Restaurant".
This Seafood place certainly gives the big guns around there a run for their money.
Worth a return trip...

Boatman's Restaurant
PizItalia restaurant
1204 East Coast Parkway
#01-06 East Coast Seafood Centre


  1. I haven't seen so many good looking dishes in one place in a long time. WOW!

  2. Thanks,Marty if you ever come around here.give a try certianly worth the money.

  3. FYI

  4. The tradition and culture can be seen and feel on the environment.