26 Jun 2012

Grand Palki

Ocuppied formly by Iggys... .I first noticed this place when I recently went to Summer Palace.
Buddy called,he had some vouchers to the Grand Palki.

So here we are on Sunday for a  ala carte  lunch  buffet.

The entrance does not inspire much but once in.The ambiance is so much classy and elegant.Treated like royalty from the entrance to our seat and through out our stay,much expectation was building up.

For a real royal atmosphere they a have private room ...with hanging crystal chandeliers,paintings on the walls.And eye catching......

Royal 14 carat gold cutlery to enchants,your royal treatment....

A private bar if your interested.

Well the voucher stated ala carte buffet and the menu stated ala carte buffet.But the wait staff made it clear that we can only order once.
And to make the matter worst we had to order all before hand.Okay no sweat,we made our orders.
The dishes arrived at steady pace..The staffs  waited patiently,for us to finish each dish before bringing the another dish ,that was till the main dish hit the table...

Toasted Pappadams with accompanying Condiments.Cool starter....

A House Special not in the menu,served has a compliment .Something made from potatoes with herbs and spices.Refreshingly nice...

Tomato Soup. Was quite different tasting, slight sweetness,hint of sour, mellow tasting.Nice enough.

Starters.. Tandoori Chicken,Lamb Kebab and Samosa.
Samosa was quite intense in spice and felt quite heavy.
The kebab spices blended very well,was cooked perfectly, heavenly in the mouth.
Tandoori Chicken was one of the best I have had.Slight crispiness,mildly spiced was soft,tender had a melt kind of feel, and yet had a good bite to it.Awesome.

There was slightly longer gap from the last starter to the main and we knew the reason when the main dishes arrived.All the mains were served  at the same time all  together at one go.Maybe that's how it is done here....

Assorted Bread Basket....Serving was quite alot.There were garlic butter naans with plain rotis and butter rotis. All were very good.The garlic butter naan was soft.slight spongines with slight crispiness was plain heaven in the mouth,was just enchanting with mains.Was there amount the best I have had.

Romali Bread.This was not in the menu .We order this intenting to pay for it. But when the bill came,they did not charge.And gave it on the house.
The bread was good.It was thin but not thin enough.Fell short to be there amount the top.But was still good enough.

Jeera Rice.Was frangrant,very flavourful........
Now to stuff ourselves.....Main Dishes...

Butter Chicken.Was very creamy,not over whelming.Very mellow tastng.Mildly spiced,slightly over sweet.The chicken pieces were super tender,a melt in your mouth taste but still had quite abite to it.Went deliciously well with the breads and the rice.Was one of the best tasting butter chicken I have had. 

Panner Palaka.Was very rich,very thick,infact way too thick,very low on salt .The flavours just did not come out.The panner was soft but had funny after taste.Quite disappointing.

Cucumber Raita and Green Salad.Raita.. the yogurt was creamy with plentyful bits of cucumbers.Green salad was mainly cucumbers again with tomatoes,onion.Was okay . 

Lamb Roganjosh.Nicely done.Big chucks of lambs very mild, mellow tasting.Super soft,tender just melts in the mouth.very nice.Superb with breads and rice.

Fish Curry.Big chucks of fish ,still flaky,tender...tasted  more like snapper.Fried before been mixed with the garvy.Gravy was mild and creamy.Tasty.Best with the rice.

Aloo Gobi.Not over cooked just right,crunchy cauilflower,soft potatoes.Stir fried nicely,masala blended very well.Certainly one of better ones I have in an Indian Restaurant.Very nice with bread and rice.

Dal Makahi.Very rich and creamy.Spices all came together.Easily one of the better makahi around.Awesome with the breads.

Dessert...It came like something from alien spaceship. Vanilla Ice Cream.Not overly sweet just right for my taste,creamy and flavourful.Yummy!

Something a like a mini aladdin lamp.(Sorry took the snap without the cover).With a single small flame at the bottom to enchants the experience.

It was  Gulab Jamun.And oh!... was this Gulab Jamun something very special.
As usual ,soaked in a very heavy sugar syrup,terribly sweet but very flavourful and tasty.
And this had to be, one of the most tastiest, gulab jamun I have ever had.
             The creaminess of the milk in the flour ball was super rich,spongy,soft,melts creamily.Flavours were just dancing heavenly in the mouth.
Had to be the best  Gulab Jamun I have had so far.Simply Heavenly...

To finish off the wonderful lunch Masala Tea.It was served with sugar cubes and honey.The tea was very nice, very well balance with the masala.It was so good it did not need any honey or sugar to enchant the flavour.Can have it on it's own.Deliciously refershing way the end our lunch.

 Overall... other than the panner palaka,most of the dishes were certainly,above average and some really exceeded our expectation and were amount the best I have had.

All the serving were quite a big portion,did not manage to finish some of the dishes.
Did not fancy all the main dishes been served at one go.

The 2 staff  ( one person's name and not easy to forget name"Tarzan Jay")attending to us did provide an immpecable and memorable service. 
Overall worth the buffet and the service....worth another  trip.......

Grand Palki
Authentic North Indian Restaurant
The Regent Singapore
1 Cuscaden #03-02



  1. Wow!great reviews.Mouth watering photos.I will surely keep this in my mind.And what are the prices for the buffet and ala carte.

  2. Thank you! Sorry,I am not sure we were using some vouchers at a discount prices. Which was around $38.00 per person.

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