25 Jul 2012

Gurney Drive

No I did not go to Penang.I just went to Ang Mo kio.Had about 3 visit before this write.

Premium Seafood Platter.$19.90.I have eaten this on 2 occasion .The first time I had this,the chilly sambal had a overwhelming lemon grass taste.The second time I had this it was more well balanced in flavour and taste.Nice Enough.

Penang Assam Laksa.$5.90.The sour assam gravy was nice,blended well with the thick rice noodles.The ingredients were quite pitiful.But this was certainly better than some places I have had .

Penang Lor Bak.$4.20.Was just a  ngoh hiang and small potion of tau fu.Ngoh Haing skin was very thin the filling was okay.But nothing exciting.The accompanying sauce did not help much.

Penang Rojak.$4.20.With fruits,veges ,you char kway,tau pok and some cured cuttlefish.The sauce was very thin,taste was okay.But the sauce just did hold on to the stuff way too thin.

Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee.$6.20.I had this on 2 occasion.The first was time it was very nice the prawn stock soup was strong the flavours came bursting out.The fish cake and the pork tasted fresh but the prawns were not so,was soft and no crunchy bite to it.

This was on my second visit.The only thing nice here was the prawns which was very fresh and crunchy in taste.The pork tasted more to a frozen one.And there was no prawn stock taste in the soup.And tasted more to a very faint light pork stock.

Premium Seafood Fried Koay Teow$9.90.Premium was with added with extra prawns,squids and cockles.The kway teow had very nice wok hei,stir fried well.

Penang Fried Kwoy Teow.$ 6.90. I had this on 2 occasion .The first was very good.The second time the kway teow was stuck together,and way to salty.

Gurney Nasi Lemak.$5.90.The rice was okay,fluffy,flavourful.The ikan billis,egg,achar and sambal were okay but nothing exciting.The curry chicken was frozen type,thus did not bring out any flavour to the curry.

Vegetable with Oyster sauce.$3.00.The Oyster sauce was sour,the veges were very dry.There was no oil,no moisture.The sauce did not help.Very disappointing.

Satay Chicken & Pork.6pcs $ 5.90.The peanut gravy was way too thin.Both the satays did not go well with us.It was akind of dry and had no what so flavour to it.Disappointing.

Penang Cuttlefish Kangkong.$4.90.The cuttlefish was very tender,kangkong was fresh crunchy.The sauce was a simple prawn paste mixture used for the rojak.

Penang Curry Mee with Rice.$5.90.Served with the same frozen chicken but the gravy was a bit better.With some prawns and fish cake.

Assam Curry FishHead.$20.90..Now...we come to the best dish of the whole experience.Served with 2 plate of rice.The assam gravy was just superb.The right amount of sugar and sourness in the mild spicy curry was working magic in the taste bud.The half fish head was quite big,tasted super fresh,flaky,very tender,very tasty with the curry. Worth a try but price is another factor...

2 days later I had  a takeaway.The curry was good as before,loved it but it was with less curry and okras

Drinks.from top left:Ampla Juice,Calamansi Juice,Bandung Chin Chow.
Bottom Jackfruit Juice,Nutmeg Juice.Loved all the juices and drinks, were very nice and refreshing.
    Big were $3.50/Small $2.90.

Penang Chendol$2.90.Was average with just Chendol and beans.The coconut milk seem like a pre pack ones.

Penang Ice Kacang.$2.90.Was topped with alot of crusted peanuts(sorry have eaten before taking a snap) and lot more ingredients hidden inside.The flavour and syrup were very nice .Brought back some old memories.Very old school taste.Don't mind going again just for this.

Service was very good but most of the food had more misses .Only had a hit or two.

Gurney Drive
Jubilee Square
61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8

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