18 Jul 2012

Tauhu Goreng

After having lunch I was  ....

Was walking around this food centre looking for some bites.As I walking pass this stall,I could not help noticing this stall,with a large quantity of semi fried big tau kwa on display on it's counter.

Upon ordering they refried the tau kwa.Garnish with cucumber and bean sprouts.And pour all over their hand made peanut gravy on top of the garnish and tau kwa.

The tau kaw was big,fresh,slight crispiness,soft not the super melts in your mouth soft but a very good softness for this kind of tauhu goreng.The gravy had all the right stuff.Not overly spicy,just right.With the right amount of sweetness,sourness and plenty of crunchy peanut.It worked like magic on the tauhu.And tasted heavenly in the mouth.

Price  $2.50.
I made 3 trips before this write up.
Worth a trip for anyone who loves Tauhu Goreng.

Qis Ria
 Upper Boon Keng Market & Food Centre
Blk 17 Upper Boon Keng Road

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