14 Aug 2012

Four Seas

I have walked pass this stall so many times(for years).And I am just wondering how did I missed this stall.Just a glace at the tables around,plates and bowls from this stall,speaks volume of this stall. Crowds of old timers,had come out of their way just to have their dishes.This is even before the lunch crowd packs the food centre.
I had few visits before this write up....

Hor Fun $3.00.The hor fun was quite a welcoming slight, with a whole of ingredients,swimming around.

The slight of so much veges was unavoidable.Sliced pork,fish were plentiful with single a prawn.I tasted just the sauce without stirring.The sauce was light,smooth seemed like did not have much flavour to it.But wait a minute....

A simple light stir with the fat kway teow,a whole magical transformation took place.Now tasting the sauce with the kway teow,it was brusting with almost unbelievable flavours.The full flavour of all the ingredients were just magical.The wok hei was perfect,the kway teow glides smoothly in the mouth.
For $3.00 this Hor Fun can give any top stall a run for it's money.

Another thing I notice on other tables were bowls and bowls of soup with rice.

Sliced Fish Soup with Rice..$3.50.The fish was super fresh with alot of veges.The soup stock was full flavoured,thick,rich,very tasty.

Fish Head Soup with Rice.$3.50.
While waiting for my soup.A lady shared the table and told me she used to work around here before.Now she just comes back to have this soup every other week. The fish head parts were super fresh,the soup was superb with a load of veges.

Seafood Soup with Rice.$3.50.With pieces of cuttlefish,fish,sliced pork,minced pork,a single prawn and whole lot of veges.Somehow the soup did not quite excite as the sliced fish or the head soup.

Waiting can be quite long during peak hours.The sign shows Fried Mee,Fried Rice but they don't sell these anymore.

Overall I have yet to see a stall that put so many veges(Chye Sim)in the soup,for this price.
The Hor fun,sliced fish and the fish head soup for the price were superb. And can give any top stalls a run for their money.Worth the return trips.

Four Seas
Albert Food Centre and Market
270 Queen Street

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