20 Aug 2012

Wo Peng

This was pre treat for buddy.Though I have not come across much good reviews.Never the less we decided to give a try.

Nothing much of a decor.Just as old rustic simple  feel to it.

Carrot Cake with Preserved Sausages$3.80.Though I would have prefer slightly more charred fried,the carrot cakes were super soft melts in your mouth,had quite a bits of Turpin's with the sausages giving the extra touch.Very tasty.Worth the price.

Roasted Pork Belly.$15.00.Seem like over done.The meat was not moist.It was dry,slightly hard.But the skin was crispy.But it was still not worth it.Disappointing.

Stone Pot Double Boiled Imperial Shark Fin
with Crab Meat in Supreme Stock.$58.00.Served in the stone pot it was very hot and heat lasted to the last drop.
There were quite a numbers of chunks of fins with just about 2 or 3 bit of crab meats.But the stock with with whole stuff were unbelievably super tasty.The thickness and the smoothness were perfectly balanced.Worth the price.

Shark Fin Dumpling Steamed in Superior Stock.$6.80.(Had one each for both of us.$13.80)One big lump of a dumpling floating in the soup stock.I had no idea how to lift it to eat.The spoon could not fit and it was slippery.And broke easily.

I could easily see some sea cucumber,crab roll,mushroom etc.The taste did not materialise and the soup and dumpling did not do much for the whole stuff.Not for my taste.

Steamed Scallop Dumpling with Asparagus.$4.80.A sliced Scallop on each dumpling was the highlight.Taste was okay,infact it was very nice but the taste was dominated by the crunchiness and flavour of the prawn.Would have been very good if it was named prawn dumpling with Scallop.

Spicy Wanton Dumpling.$3.80.Exactly I order a different dumpling .I got this was okay nothing exciting.

Yam Cake.$3.80.Had chucks of yams with preserved meat and mushroom.On light dark sauce,added to flavour and taste.Super soft,melts even before it touches the mouth.One of the best I have had.

Marble Goby Steam in Teochew Style.$63.00.The fish was quite big.Super fresh.

The flesh was firm,yet very tender,soft.The stock was very well balance.The sourness,salt were just right.Slight finishing taste amiss.Maybe no MSG. But still very good it is own way.Don't mind ordering again.Worth the price.

Stewed Egg Plant with Minced Pork.$16.00.The egg plant was slightly fried and stewed.The minced pork was okay the sauce was okay.But the egg plant was still very firm.Not for me won't order again.

Crab Bee Hoon.$38.00.There weren't any big crabs only standrand size and it was so small maybe below 450gm.But the crab was quite meaty.The bee hoon was covered with alot of roe.The bee hoon was bursting with awesome flavours,texture was excellent.This was the dry version which I consider is more difficult to get the flavours and taste in it.The bee hoon was outstanding.But with such a small crab.I am crying.

Dong Po Pork served in Whole Pumpkin.$$28.00.This was a interesting,beauty sight.The belly pork was really stuffed full in the pumpkin.The sauce was served separately.

 The pork skin was very soft,very tender almost melts in the mouth

But the layer meat was quite firm,yet it was fully cooked.Some might prefer soft,tender meat.But I did like the contrast in the meat layer to the skin.Eaten with sauce provide with the pumpkin,it was interestingly..different.. very nice.

Apple Stuffed Scallop in Salted Egg.$18.00($4.50 per pc/min 4 pcs).A sliced Scallop was stuffed between 2 pieces of apple.Had a sweet,slight sour taste from the crunchy apple.Creamy mellowness,of the salted egg and crackling taste of the batter.Different,quite nice but the price certainly matters.

Mango puree with Pomelo Sago.$4.00.This was a big let down,it was way too watery,even to be consider average.Very Disappointing.

Osmanthus  Jelly.$8.00.The texture,sweetness and flavour were just right.Loved it.

It runs on 2 seatings times.And both the seatings runs to a full house

Overall service was very good.There were hits and misses.But I down mind going again but they only have standrand small size crab here.They have another, the main branch.Which I hope they have some xxx size crabs.

Wo Peng Cuisine
Furama City
60 Eu Tong Sen Street

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