26 Sep 2012

The Jungle Tandoor
Located along Serangoon road around Little India vicinity.You really cannot miss this place.

With some very striking tree like chairs,animals models.It is certainly an eye catcher.
The interior was surrounded with darkness.It took some time for our eyes to adjust.But still it was dark,only lighted very dimly.The photos were taken with flash thus showing much brighter.

16 Sep 2012

Mention ChatterBox.. what comes to anyones' mind...
Yes... their famous Chatterbox Chicken Rice.
With a price tag than can scare off anyone's wallet or purse ...Sometimes I think you must be crazy to spent some $30.00 on a plate of chicken rice.
Well I must admit I am abit nut loose at times.....And when the opportunity came I just took a chance
I just had to try it,at least once...
With so many chefs selling chicken rice, claiming to be from chatter box.So just how good does this compare to some much cheaper ones around.

Chicken Rice.$27.00++.Wow! With this price tag.It better be outstanding or at least there amount the top.The presentation was neat and nice to look.

5 Sep 2012

Wan Hao

Have heard so much about this restaurant.So when Buddy recommended this place for his birthday I was trill.......

1 Sep 2012


Indian Triangle Curry Puffs

I used find these type of Indian curry puffs easily available years backs.But now I have to go all the way to certain places to get this stuff.