16 Sep 2012

Mention ChatterBox.. what comes to anyones' mind...
Yes... their famous Chatterbox Chicken Rice.
With a price tag than can scare off anyone's wallet or purse ...Sometimes I think you must be crazy to spent some $30.00 on a plate of chicken rice.
Well I must admit I am abit nut loose at times.....And when the opportunity came I just took a chance
I just had to try it,at least once...
With so many chefs selling chicken rice, claiming to be from chatter box.So just how good does this compare to some much cheaper ones around.

Chicken Rice.$27.00++.Wow! With this price tag.It better be outstanding or at least there amount the top.The presentation was neat and nice to look.

The rice was fluffy,very flavourful,quite tasty but slightly on the dry side.

The chicken was okay.But really did not wow me.It was nice,tasty.It was soft... but not juicy, tender nor suckling.Slightly tough and on the dry side.

The sauces for me did not quite compliment the chicken either.The chilly had some sourness and had no punch or taste to it.The ginger was plain.I usually don't use black sauce on chicken rice.

Beansprouts.$9.00++.Very decent,crunchy,tasty.With some small ikan billis and baby mushroom as the highlight of this dish.

Will I be back for this chicken rice....
For a lay man like me.I don't think so.If you are coming here, just to the eat chicken rice...what can I say....
There are so many good and better chicken rice and with much more cheap..cheaper prices.
This chicken rice is for a experience,for the novelty of it.And like me,just to show off,I have eaten one of the most expensive chicken rice. I have eaten the Chatterbox Chicken Rice.....

Well since I am here I just had to try some other dishes.....

Lobster Laska.$37.00++.This was a real surprise.
The laska lemak gravy was full bodied,creamy,strong,very flavourful,very tasty.Flavours were bursting strongly,yet had a beautiful mellowness in the mouth .With quail eggs,tau pok,fish cakes and of course the lobster...

It was a small Boston Lobster.It looked like a whole lobster.It was chopped to bite size pieces.The meat was quite suckling and tender.Was cooked almost right.It went well with the lemak gravy.(But I did miss the cockles.)
But this was one hell of laska .And can stand on it own compared with any top laska around.If I can afford it,I don't mind having this again.

Nasi Lemak.$24.00++.Served with ikan billis,redang chicken,2 piece of sambal prawns,a piece of otah,a piece of egg,cucumber and sambal.
The lemak rice was  fluffy,moist and quite tasty.The prawns were crunchy,fresh tasting,nice enough.That's about it....
The egg,otah seem quite dry.The rendang chicken tasted mostly of turmeric.

The ikan billis with nuts was the biggest disappointment.Both the stuffs were not crispy nor had any crunch to it.In fact it was a bit chewy on certain bites.It seem like a day old or maybe refried.

Overall service was good.
Surprising the place was packed with more than a dozen people waiting for their table at any one time.
The only dish on this day,that really stood out,impressed me,was the lobster laska.The ingredients,the flavour,taste and with a lobster makes the price quite reasonable enough.

The ChatterBox.
333 Orchard Road
level 5
Mandarin Orchard

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