1 Sep 2012


Indian Triangle Curry Puffs

I used find these type of Indian curry puffs easily available years backs.But now I have to go all the way to certain places to get this stuff.

Well the triangle shape has taken to some rectangular shape, to accommodate different flavours.

The traditional and the classic are still in the triangle shape with the potatoes fillings.$0.80.
Chucks of lightly spiced potatoes cooked just right for this type of fillings.With super crackling,crispy,super flaky outer pastry skin,crackling till the last bite.

The rectangular shape I had were mutton $1.30 and...
Filled with potatoes,there were 2 or 3 pieces of  mutton to add some mutton flavour to the puffs

The other rectangular shape I had was chicken.$1.30.
Filled again with potatoes ,there were some chicken chucks to give some added flavour of chicken to it.

 All these pastries are not the soft crispy flaky types.These are the super crackling,crispy,very  flaky types.
The potatoes filling were all good,the mutton and the chicken puffs were nice in their own way.
I loved all the 3 types and do buy all the 3 types on each visit.

And all these puffs are baked freshly.And are always hot or warm when I buy them.I buy extras and keep in fridge over night,a day or two,and lightly bake the in the oven.The crackling and crispiness just pops back,and tastes just as I bought.

And not to forget,I must have it with their chilly sauce,watery,lightly spicy,works very well with the puffs.

They have other stuff like epok epok 3 for$1.00.and etc.

The main reason for my visits to this place are the triangle and the rectangular puffs.
If you liked or missed the Indian Triangle Curry Puffs,you would not be disappointed with these puffs.Have made numerous trips before this write up.


  1. So difficult to find nibbles that remind us of our childhood, isn't it? I have to travel all the way to Upp Thomson to find (and then buy in bulk) my favourite snacks!

  2. Yes,I miss so many childhood stuffs,names which I don't know,but always on a lookout.