26 Sep 2012

The Jungle Tandoor
Located along Serangoon road around Little India vicinity.You really cannot miss this place.

With some very striking tree like chairs,animals models.It is certainly an eye catcher.
The interior was surrounded with darkness.It took some time for our eyes to adjust.But still it was dark,only lighted very dimly.The photos were taken with flash thus showing much brighter.

They have 2 storey dining area.The stairs leading to the   upper level and the upper level dining area. But we dined at the ground level.

The ceil and the walls,were all surrounded with leaves and tree branches, animals and Tarzan trying to make a swing.Quite cramp,maybe creepy,maybe exciting... not really sure what to make out of the environment.But certainly different from any other restaurants ambiance.

Okay now for the food.We were there with some ala carte buffet vouchers ($28.00.)
The menu given to us was a real shocker.They gave us the normal menu and said we could order anything from the menu expect for the 3 most expensive items.The menu looked like it had over a hundred dishes on it....

Tandoori Prawns.The prawns were fresh,suckling but the tandoori malasa had a kind of medicine taste, maybe the herbs or spices.

Tandoori Promfert.The fish was big,no fishy taste but the tandoori malasa had the same medicine kind taste to it.
We stopped from ordering our favourite tandoori chicken.The tandoori malasa might have the same taste.

Garlic Naan and Butter Naan.Both were very good.Nicely grilled in the tandoor.Smoky flavour,very tasty,good enough to eat on it's own.

Jeera Rice.The rice tasted like normal plain basmati rice.The flavours of  jeera was not in the rice.But there jeeras in the rice.

Mutton Lababdar.The spicy garvy was quite different from the usual taste of curries.It did go quite well with the naans and rice.

Chicken Kali Muirch.Quite different taste too.And did go quite well with the naans and rice.

Afghanistan Chicken.We wanted some from the tandoor oven but did not want the medicine taste.We asked for some different marinate.And were recommended this.And it was really good.The tandoor smokiness flavour was working beautifully with tender,suckling perfectly cooked chicken pieces.Very tasty,very good.

Navrattam Korma.This was recommended  by the staff  for a vegetable dish.And by the name I expecting something to go well with the naans and the rice.
But this dish was very sweet and tasted almost like bo bo cha cha.And the staff insisted that all the korma dishes must taste sweet.
I asked about mutton and chicken korma.He still insisted all kormas must taste sweet.
I have tasted some korma curries from North to South Indian,some from top restaurants.I am mystify by his answer.

Mutton Kebab.This was bouncy,had quite amount of flour in it.not like any other kebab I have had before.But it was okay not bad.

Masala Tea. Was very refreshing, nice flavours of spice.

Gulab Jamun.These gulab Jamun were warm,nice flavour,very nice.

Service was good.
Some dishes were okay,some just did not go well for our taste.
Maybe we just did not order the right stuffs on this day.
There were near to a hundred dishes on the menu.But no summary of what the dishes were .And had to relied on wait staff to explain ..for all the dishes???

But for a Indian ala carte buffet with this super menu.This makes a super,super vaule.And certainly more than monies worth.

The Jungle Tandoor Restaurant
102 Serangoon Road

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