5 Sep 2012

Wan Hao

Have heard so much about this restaurant.So when Buddy recommended this place for his birthday I was trill.......

Roast Pork.$20.00.There was enough smokiness and flavour.

The skin was thin ,yet crispy.it's was good but for the price,i don't think so,unless buddy is paying the bill.

Xiang Long Bao with Foie Gras .$5.50.Having something with Foie Gras for the first time.The stock and taste did not go well for me.Not again.

Steam Carrot Cake with preserved meat..$4.00.The carrot cake was soft,had the melt feel in the mouth.Yet  had a firm bite to it.Has I digged into the preserved meat ,mushroom with light sauce,the whole stuff was bursting with flavour.Tasted very different from others I have had.But very nice .Sure to have again If I visit.

Deep Fried Yam Dumpling.$4.40.Very crispy with yam and some meat inside.Juice flowed with a bite to it.Worth the price.

Soft Shell Crab with Floss.$22.00.Can taste the meat.The bone dissolve effortlessly.The crab was very crispy,fresh tasting.

The pork floss added some extra bite to it.The meat floss itself was very crispy and nice.Maybe home made.Don't mind ordering again.

Shark Fin with Crab Meat.$68.00.Thick shreds of fins with some crab meat swimming all around..

The thick shredded fins,felt like chucks of fins.The thickness was right,very mellow and easy,not over whelming.Yet the stock was strong and very flavourful.The shark fins and crabs blended very well.
The taste was very different, uniquely,very shiok...superb.I don't mind paying this price again.

Stir Fried Lobster with spring Onion.$50.00.Load with Spring Onion stir fried in a tasty stock.

The meat was soft,tender,yet firm.Very nice

Soon Hock Steam with Preserved Veges and Fungus..$60.00.When I saw with Preserved veges I was expecting some thing like more to a Teochew Style.Some light sour taste to it.

But this was steam with Mui Choy and Fungus.Mui Choy with braished pork belly is  very common but with fish.....
The entire taste was so different.The stock and the fish had unexpected taste,even the Mui Choy tasted different.It was kind of mellow yet had a kind of rough taste to it.The fish was steamed to  perfection ,super fresh,flaky,soft,tender.Taste wise...I not sure whether I was wow! But it was interesting and I did like the difference.

Four Treasures Fried Rice.$26.00.With crab meat,BBQ pork,duck,tomato and conpony.Expectation was high for this dish.It was a signature dish.But the rice was very dry and a kind of chewy.The meat stuffs  were quite dry too.The flavours did not really come out.Maybe not their day.Disappointing.

Lemon Grass jelly with lemon Sherbet.$10.00.The presentation was awful.The jelly was all chopped up,did not have enough lemon grass flavour it in,not soft enough.Taste was just way too  average.
(Have had way much better ice jelly at normal dessert stall.)
But lemon sherbet was full of flavour.The sourness of the lemon had nice kick to it.But for the  combine flavour,and the price... not worth it .

Mango Pudding.$10.00.The pudding was flavour with bits of mango in it. It was okay.Nothing spectacular.For the price and presentation  not again.

Overall service was good.Most of the dishes we had tasted quite different,had some unique flavours of it's own.For a touch of a different can try.

 Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road.