20 Oct 2012

Ho Heng
Most properly the best well known Kway Chap in Yishun.

There is no hidding,I always go.. Ga..Ga..,when see a stand alone kway chap stall.

This stall is old has I can remember,as old has this place.Have eaten first at this stall,back maybe,close to 30 years.And still do quite occasionally.

8 Oct 2012

Yunos N Family

 I have been around this place so many times and have notice the never ending queues.I might have eaten here some 2 decades back.Very faith memory of this.
These people have over 50 years history in this buniness and about 30 years in this place.And still going strong.

Even around 3.30p.m,the queue speaks volume of their product.In this part of the food centre you can't miss the plates and the bowls from this stall.