20 Oct 2012

Ho Heng
Most properly the best well known Kway Chap in Yishun.

There is no hidding,I always go.. Ga..Ga..,when see a stand alone kway chap stall.

This stall is old has I can remember,as old has this place.Have eaten first at this stall,back maybe,close to 30 years.And still do quite occasionally.

This stall dishes out some,more than decent braised innards,skin,with slight sweetness,some light crunch to the bite.

Braised pork belly,braised egg,tau pok all worked like magic with a very pretty good decent light dark sauce.
As much as I like this place,there were few occasions some of the stuffs were overcooked.
But the goodness still out weights the few occasions.
Overall I still go whenever I have the urge,to have this place's Kway Chap.
Weekend the wait can be long ,close to 45mins to over an hour.

Ho Heng
Chong Pang Market & Food Centre
Blk 104/105 Yishun Ring Raod.

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