8 Oct 2012

Yunos N Family

 I have been around this place so many times and have notice the never ending queues.I might have eaten here some 2 decades back.Very faith memory of this.
These people have over 50 years history in this buniness and about 30 years in this place.And still going strong.

Even around 3.30p.m,the queue speaks volume of their product.In this part of the food centre you can't miss the plates and the bowls from this stall.

Gado Gado.$3.00.My first trip around 6.45p.m.Had a 20 minutes wait.The plates felt light,did not look much of ingredients in it.

.The serving was quite little,about 5 small pieces of lontong,3 small pieces tau fu,2 small pieces of potatoes,small pieces of  tempeh,crackers,1 whole egg and some cabbages.

Contend with sweetness in most peanut sauce,I could not taste any sweetness in this peanut sauce.

The peanut sauce was so very unique.It suited to my tasted bud.And felt heavenly in my mouth.It was one awesome sauce and whole stuff turn to magic with the sauce.
Had 3 tries of the Gado Gado,the serving portion was very inconsistent for all the 3 times I had. .But I loved it so much I would certainly make another trip.

Mee Rebus.$2.50.(with potato culet $3.00 below)Talk about another unique taste.This mee rebus had it.The sauce was smooth,thick,creamy,slighly butterly ,not sweet.It certainly tasted very different,not even close to any other mee rebus sauce I have had so far.

This was another winner for my taste bud.Had 2 tires and both times it was just too good.But the serving seem to be little or maybe the bowl was big.Then it's only $2.50.

Soto Ayam.$2.50.More than reasonable amount of fresh tasting shredded chicken and lontong.The soup stock was very well balance.Very flavourful,smooth,nice mellow taste.Very nice.

Satay 0.50cents per stick.I had mutton and chicken.Soft tender,suckling meat with very well balance peanut gravy(not the same peanut sauce as the gado gado).Slight sweetness,thick,nutty.Went very well with the satay.

Over all the stuff here were above average.But the serving seem somehow little especially the Gado Gado.But there different pricing for bigger portion and for add on extra ingredients.

Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio
Ave 6
Ang Mo Kio Food Centre.

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  1. Hi there! On behalf of Yunos N Family stall, I would like to thank you for blogging this up on your blog. I'm one of their grandchildren. :)