18 Nov 2012

Delhi Restaurant

On the house,pappams with onions and mint sauce.

We started with flamy affair.The flame was high enough to give anyone around a fright.

Aftermath we saw what we order.Mixed Sizzler $29.00.With chicken.mutton,fish,prawns and a whole egg.Quite spicy,taste was good.The chicken,mutton were tender and soft.Prawns were crunchy,fish was okay.Didn't know what the egg's place in this dish.Maybe the chicken lay an egg.Hee.. hee.

Pudina Paratha $3.50,Garlic Naan $3.50,Rumali Roti $3.50 & Butter Naan $3.50 All breads were decent.But could have been better.There was no crispiness but they were fluffy and soft.Rumali roti was not thin enough and slightly over cooked.

Stuffed Paratha.$3.50.Stuffed with some mashed potatoes.Okay not bad.

Jeera Rice $5.00.Very flavourful,fluffy rice.Easily one of the best Jeera rice I have had.

Pulav Rice $8.00.First time having this,with some mixed veges and paneer.Rice was fluffy,cooked right.Was  nice.

Tandoori Prawns.$22.00.The prawns were fresh tasting,quite big,suckling,crunchy.But the tandoori masala mix had a kind of medicine taste(same kind of spice or herbs I had at another North Indian Restaurant).This tandoori spice mix did quite go well with us.Did not finish the prawns.And did not order tandoori chicken.In case the same masala mix.

Chicken Pudina.$12.00.The Pudina(mint) was very flavourful,strong.The gravy was not overly thick just rightly ,smooth,quite creamy.Very tasty.Loved it.

Rogan Josh.$13.00.The mutton was very soft,tender easily parts.Almost melts in your mouth.Good enough.

Fish Curry.$12.00.Not the usual taste.Creamy.mildly spiced,rich,thick.Very different tasting.Not use to the taste but went well with the naans.

Delhi Prawns.$16.00.Lightly spiced,very creamy,very rich ,slight sweetness,mellow tasting gravy.Very different tasting but was very good in it's own way.

Gobi Manchurian.$11.00.First time having this.It's deep fried cauliflower stir fried with some masala mix.Slight sweetness with hint of spiciness.It's like mixture of Chinese and Indian dish.Okay,we did finish the dish.

Fish in Banana leaf.$12.00.Masala spiced fish fillet fried in banana leaf.This was nice.But slightly on the dry side.Would have prefer thicker fish ,flaky  and moist.

Korma Ghosh.$12.00.Smooth,mildly spiced,light creaminess.Very flavourful, super tender mutton with wonderful gravy.Love it.

Mango Kulfee.$5.00.Indian Ice cream.Mango flavour with strong rich milky taste.

A very neat,clean,comfort place.Not much of a decor.
Overall service was okay.Food was very decent.Do mind going again.

Delhi Restaurant
No.60 Race Coast Road.

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