18 Dec 2012

Wo Peng   

 We loved the crab bee hoon at Furma .But the crab was so small.So we decide we'll try the main branch at Macpherson......

Stir Fried Sea Cucumber with HK Kai Lan,Bai Ling & Shrimp Roe.$28.00.Of course we are not just going to have bee hoon.The Kai Lan was blanched prefect,quite different tasting 
from our normal Kia Lan,slight sweetness,no bitterness.Crunchy was plain heaven in the mouth.Good quality cucumber and the Bai ling mushroom was cooked prefect.A bit pricey but loved it.A must order dish in my list.

Braised Shark Fin Soup with Conpoy and Crabmeat.per preson.$18.00.Crab meat was hard to fish out.But who cares the fins were more than ample.Right thickness,nice sauce.loved it.

Double Boiled Shark's Cartilage Soup with Fish Maw.per person $13.00.There were bits of cartilage,and some pieces of maws.Taste wise,buddy loved it but not for my taste.

Steam Soon Hock with Bean Crumbs.$48.00.They told me the fish would weight around 800gm.But was less than 500gm.Fish was small.But prefect timed steaming,flaky,soft fresh.The crispy bean crumbs worked wonders.Siok soik.

Crab Bee Hoon.$66.00.The reason we were here.The crab was not big as we wanted,only about 1.1kg.Let's put it this way it was good but not as good as what we had at Furma.Infact was very disappointed with the vast different in cooking style for the same bee hoon.

Deep fried White Bait with Mayonnaise and Fish Roe.$12.80.Big fat Baits,crispy,very fresh tasting.The mayo with fish roe was a prefect pair.Don't mind ordering again.

Deep fried Soft Shell Crab with Pepper and Salt.$6.80 per piece.(min 2 pcs).Crispy,soft most were fresh tasting had  2 bites than did not taste that fresh.But rest were all very nice.

Roasted Kampong Chicken.$16.00.Paper thin crispy skin,moist,very tender,soft.Light sauce was not necessary.The chicken was super good on it's own.Missed the chicken chilly sauce.Sure to order again.

BeanCurb with Seafood $18.00.Bean curb was soft.The seafood were sliced scallop,some slices of sea cucumber,sea prawn.Sauce was light.lightly salted.Was good on it's own way.

Stir Fried Kai Lan with Preserved Vegetables.$12.00. Both of us love the Kai Lan so much,we order another plate.I have eaten Kai Lan at so many places.But here the Kai lan was very special.Served with the preserved veges.Both were super tasting,the Kai Lan was again was awesome.I am  thinking of   Kai Lan even as I am writing this.

Braised Shark Fin Soup with Conpoy and Crabmeat small.$68.00.Buddy drank most of my first round soup.So I order another bowl,small.But this could easily feed around 5 to 6 people.Slightly different appearance from the per portion.But taste was not compromised much.Could see some crab bits and conpoy.But the fins were scarily plentiful.Thick strands of  fin were overwhelming in the bowl.Loved it loved it.

Chilled Mango Puree with Pomelo and Sago.$3.80.Mistake to order this..milky taste.

Double Boiled Snow Fungus with Red Date.$3.00.Nice.

Home made Osmunthus Jelly.$6.00.This is my favourtie for dessert in this place.

Service was attentive,super good,friendly.Lyda was an excellent host.

Overall most of the dishes were above average,close to excellent expect for the main reason we went there, the crab bee hoon,which crushed our deepest hope.
But the Kai Lan made us take notice of this place.
The shark fin had ever been with this much thick strands before.The chicken and rest of the dishes are worth another trip.

Wo Peng Restaturant.
476 Macphereson Road.

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