1 Dec 2012

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh
 Havelock Road

This stall was just recently awarded the Hawkers Masters 2012 for the best Bak Kut Teh.

I have had this Ya Hua BKT at Keppel Branch couple of times back 2 years ago,but not the Havelock Branch.So decide I will give a try...

A simple coffee shop style environment.The floor was slightly slippery.We took our seat outside.

The You Tiao $1.50. was served even before I took my seat. The orders arrived fast but they forgot 2 dishes.

Prime Long Ribs $9.00.The ribs was soft,tender parts easily.But somehow the the taste was abit bland the soup flavours did not go in.The soup was okay,slightly over salt.Maybe just this day.

Small Intestines $6.50.Unique taste.Lightly soya with fried garlic bursting with flavour. They were cooked just right for my taste.Soft,tender not over cooked with slight chewiness,some crunch to it.Loved the fried garlic flavour.Order another bowl of this.

Ter ka.$6.50.This was one of the order they missed,the other I did not remind them.
The meat was tender,skin had some crunch yet it was tender the sauce complimented well.

Preserved Veges.$2.00.Another original taste, quite unique very different from most of the stall I have tried. With very slight sourness,it bursted with flavour and taste .Very nice must have again.

Peanuts.$2.00.Soft and nice.

Overall all the dishes were very good.The prices were slightly higher compare to other BKT I have had.
The small intestine and the preserved veges really stood out from other stalls.The Bak kut teh was good but did not stand out for my taste,maybe not on this day.

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh
593 Havelock Road
Isetan Office Building

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