26 Jun 2012

Grand Palki

Ocuppied formly by Iggys... .I first noticed this place when I recently went to Summer Palace.
Buddy called,he had some vouchers to the Grand Palki.

So here we are on Sunday for a  ala carte  lunch  buffet.

19 Jun 2012

Special Chilly Yong Tau Foo

I have first eaten at this stall, maybe close to 20 years.I do eat it occasionally.

They make most of the stuff by themself fresh daily.All the stuff tasted very fresh and light.Easy on the tummy..The soup is so..so...

12 Jun 2012

Boatman's Seafood Restaurant ....
A Chinese seafood restaurant..... in a Italian Pizza Restaurant.
A crazy thought you may think... but it's true...

With 2 Tyrannosaurus(T-Rex)  ... one just hatching out,welcoming you.How can anyone miss this place.The big mama Rex can move her head and her  body ,the baby seem to be laughing at the diners welcoming for his meal....Scary.. noooo..