20 Aug 2012

Wo Peng

This was pre treat for buddy.Though I have not come across much good reviews.Never the less we decided to give a try.

Nothing much of a decor.Just as old rustic simple  feel to it.

Carrot Cake with Preserved Sausages$3.80.Though I would have prefer slightly more charred fried,the carrot cakes were super soft melts in your mouth,had quite a bits of Turpin's with the sausages giving the extra touch.Very tasty.Worth the price.

14 Aug 2012

Four Seas

I have walked pass this stall so many times(for years).And I am just wondering how did I missed this stall.Just a glace at the tables around,plates and bowls from this stall,speaks volume of this stall. Crowds of old timers,had come out of their way just to have their dishes.This is even before the lunch crowd packs the food centre.
I had few visits before this write up....

Hor Fun $3.00.The hor fun was quite a welcoming slight, with a whole of ingredients,swimming around.

1 Aug 2012

 Mo Bo Lor Mee
This food centre has some good makan food for everyone.And a new player with new ideas??

Opened just couples of months back.This stall sells lor mee not just the tradition style.But with some new ideas to it??