30 Dec 2013

Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine

Ala carte Buffet....

Bought some deal coupons and made reservation.And went to this place.The place was very posh and clean.With a open kitchen concept.

Braised Pork Ribs with Special Home Made Sauce.Soft,tender different in taste but was very tasty.

21 Dec 2013

Pita Pan

A Mediterranean Vegetarian Bistro
It's like a fast food concept.
You place your order at the counter pay and wait for the beep to buzzer.You collect your items at the counter.

2 visits.

Like a salad bar counter most of the stuff right in front at the counter.

5 Dec 2013

Lim Hai Sheng Cooked Food

This carrot cake has been in business for over 30 years.And only sell the white version of the carrot cake.Have eaten here couple of times.

24 Nov 2013

Rahim Muslim Food

First saw this stall on first series of Lost &Found.It was sold out the week  I went there.Again this stall was feature in 8 Days Eat .I knew I must try this stall.I was as around this area last week....

10 Nov 2013

Jade Of India

Were looking for some Indian Food.Have read some good reviews on this place.So here we are....

5 Nov 2013


I was around this shopping centre during lunch.Was walking around checking what to eat,when I notice this  place Poulet.Have read some reviews about their chicken ,so why not.

I stood alone at wait area alone.Their staff just glanced and were doing their things pretending not to notice.After afew mintues seeing I am not going to go off  a staff came and seated me.
It took another 5 to 10 minutes to get their attention to place my order.Mind you the place was quite empty.

13 Oct 2013

Hippoptamus Restaurant Grill

A French restaurant born in 1968 in Paris.In Singapore for about 2 years now.Popular for their wide selections of  cuts.Sorry I don't take beef so some other cuts.2 visit ...

On the house Ciabatta with butter.The bread was quite dry,the butter was hard.On house.. no complain.

3 Oct 2013

Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice

He was the head chef who was sacked from Tian Tian Chicken Rice stall.He had working with them for 20 years.Infact he was related to them.
Not giving in he set up his own stall, just 2 stalls from Tian Tian.This happen some 2 years back.
Now hopping they are well settle down,I just went down to try Ah Tai.

Order the set $5.00.(liver 0.50cents.)

27 Sep 2013

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

It's been over some years,I have been to this place link .With a change of location,I checked out their new premises.

You have walk down few steps to order your food.They some have some varieties of sets dishes to go.Self service.

20 Sep 2013

Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh

Chui Huay Lim Club

I have been to Ng Ah Sio BKT some years back at Rangoon Road.Now managed by Jumbo with some branches across the Island and still expanding.
We visited Chui Huay Lim Club.

5 Sep 2013


 food theatre

Pan Pacific went through new face lift ,with the birth of the edge food theather.An International buffet concept being born has new comer to buffet scene.

9 Aug 2013

Whitley Road Big Prawn Mee

I know this is a very popular prawn mee  stall. .Though I work around this area  and have seen this stall for years, I did not try out this prawn mee, till now.

The first thing that came was their soup.It was so very little,just glancing the bottom of the small bowl.I asked for more on the spot.And they gave me another bowl with same portion.The soup was quite  concentrated ,prawn stock was strong.

I had the $8.00 dry version.Just 2 medium size prawns sliced into half.With about 3 to 4 tiny bits of ribs.The prawns and the ribs were okay but did not stand out in taste.The prawns were not that crunchy.And ribs did not have enough meat.

The noodles were QQ.The chilly complimented the noodles very well.It was tasty.But the noodles portion was very little .Just about 3 mouthful and it was gone.

Overall a very good prawn noodle.But the for the $8.00 .The prawns,ribs and the noodles portion were quite disappointing.
I would have had another visit but what I got for $8.00 changed my mind.

Whitley Road Big Prawn Mee
Novena Gardens
273 Thomson Road.

28 Jul 2013

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice

Though they have another 2 branches.Their main branch at Novean Ville was the most popular.Their main branch at Novean  Ville has closed for good giving way for development.But after a few months...
Now they have opened at a new premises in United Square.

In much bigger,better environment.It has much more seats and space.

24 Jul 2013

Kai Juan Bak Kut Teh

Situated along Balestier Road just next to Boon Tong Kee chicken rice.Is this Bak Kut Teh I have been wanting to try out for sometime.

They did not have the big long prime ribs.And told me they only serve one type,small ribs only.

7 Jul 2013

Warong Sudi Manpir(Satay)

 In earlier times I would travel from Yishun to this place just to have these satays.

 I have eaten these satays on numerous occasion .

12 Jun 2013

Jay Prata
Super crisy,super thin flakiness....

 Just opened less than a month ago.My first bite of this prata was a wow.It's been such long long time,since...

8 Jun 2013

World Street Food Congress 2013

World Street Food Congress part 2

Last day last..Last Chance to try Some of the other Nations Street Food Culture.
Let's Support The Event.

My second visit...

my first visit  LINK

This stall was closed on my first visit....
This was the first stall I head down today...

Meyers Kokken.Proc Burger $14.00.(Denmark)

5 Jun 2013

World Street Food Congress

World Street Food Congress 2013
more world street food congress pt.2.
This is happening now and would not be here for long.Started on the 31/5/2013 and ending on the 9/6/2013.Just few more days left,for us to try some street food from other Nations.
Be warned portions are much much smaller than expected.Prices are not on the street food par.

The entrance....you have buy your tickets here priced $28.00.But entrance is $8.00,you will have $20.00 worth of coupons, range from $5.00.$2.00,$1.00.050 cents.

The set up is simple with each stall selling about one or two dishes only.

29 May 2013

Mouth Restaurant

Mouth Restaurant
Plaza Singapura

Though I seen the Mouth Restaurant  in different places.I did not think much of it.
Till I decide on  this day to give a try.

The dim sum all came at one go.

25 May 2013

Indonesian and Thai Cuisines

Looking around Novean Square for lunch.This place caught our eyes.
A concept of having both and Indonesian and Thai food,surely looked tempting enough for us to give a try.

Crackers.(Keropok Barinjau )$3.00.The crackers were served with a watery sambal belachan but it did go well with crackers.Nice though watery.

Thai Fish Cake$3.00 per piece.This was way to salty to taste anything.

Cumi Baker.$11.00.2 small cuttlefish cut to ring pieces.The taste was more to a Char Siew  taste than the usual black sauce bqq taste .The cuttlefish was not very fresh either.Sorry the Char Siew taste did not go well with us.

Eggplant Sambal.$8.50.The sambal sauce was too sweet and very oily.Another dish down for us.

Seafood Food Tom Yum Soup.$6.90.per bowl.It tasted more sour and a kind of sweet.The flavour of tom yam was just not there.It did not taste like any tom yam soup,I have had.This dish also did not go well with us.

Asam Fish Head.$22.00.Another dish that did not please us.The gravy was way too sour and way too sweet.The fish was over cooked.We try to eat some but could not eat this dish.Way way too sourish

Chendol.$3.80.The green chendol was pre packed type.It did have any taste by itself.Home made ones' usually have a kind of eggy taste to it,which really adds to the flavour of the chendol.Other than that the drink was okay.

Mango Pudding.$3.50.This mango is like ones' pre packed we could buy from any supermarket.I was hoping for something like home made.

Tapioca with Coconut Cream.$3.00.This was soft,melt kind of texture.The coconut cream added to the taste.This was good.

Overall the dishes we ordered did not go well with us.Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes.Maybe it was not our day,maybe not to our taste bud.
But this place have quite a number of patrons coming every minute.
So maybe it just our taste bud.

238 Thomson Road
#03-64 Novena Velocity

15 May 2013

Ocean Kingdom Seafood Restaurant
Walking pass Joo Chiat Road couple of times notice this old two storey building. Read some mixed review before.But on this day we decided to just let's have a try.

30 Apr 2013

My Peranakan Spice Box
                                                       This Stall has closed

Peranakan food is mixture of Chinese and Malay influence.Have only eaten Peranakan food only couple times about 4 or 5 different restaurant.But found one in a food court and instantly had to try it .Had a couple of visits before this write up.

21 Apr 2013

Mary's Kafe
Hidden in a tiny corner in Queen's Street.In Kum Yan Methodist church.With only sign on a chalkboard with the day's menu.Welcome to Mary's Kafe or is it cafe.

The food offer are mixture of nonya and Eurasian food.Not much variety to choose from.The only menu is what's written on the chalkboard for the day.

11 Apr 2013

Spice Junction

Taste of Kerala
Feel like having Indian food,head to Tekka or for more refinded head to Race Coast Road.
 Sandwich between two big guns(Gayatri and Muthu's Curry) this small place commands to be notice...
It's small,simple dining place,nothing much for ambiance

This place serves South Indian Kerela cuisine,I have only had Kerela cuisine in three restaurants so far.

7 Apr 2013

Queens Street Prawn Noodles

Though I have eaten this prawn noodles couple of times did not think much of it..That's till I decided to blog it.

Dry version a bowl of noodles with tender,fall out ribs and 2 pieces of prawns,surprising very succulent,with nice crunchy texture to it.

Topped with crispy fried shallots and few bits of lard.

Noodle were blanched perfectly on this day.Chilly went very well with noodle and the stuffs.Slightly more chilly would given the extra punch I needed.

Soup version It was good but  the yellow mee did not do justice to the soup .

Talking about the soup .Yes! the soup broth can certianly stand on it's own.Not as thick,strong,flavourful as some top stalls.But yet it was very flavourful in it's own way.

Worth try.

Blk 270 Queen Street
Albert Centre Market and Food Centre

31 Mar 2013

Xin Mei Le Bak Kut Teh

Went there with some discount coupon.

For $4.20 per set came with a Bak Kut Teh,Soup,Rice,You Tio and a Drink.
Rice was cooked right.Drinks were all nice.

For a set the amount of meat were more than ample.The soup was in between a very light herbal and light peppery.Light flavour taste was not bad,but it was really my kind of taste,would have prefer more robust in taste.

As usual we never stop with a set.We order some from the ala carte menu.
Preserved Vege.$3.00.Was quite a small portion.It was just quite plain

Sweet Potato'leaves.$8.00.Was very average .

Small Intestine.$6.00.Portion was small.The was intestine was nicely cooked.But the sauce tasted quite average.

Big Intestine.$6.00.Portion was small again,same sauce.And this was cut or sliced to thin pieces.Could hardly taste anything tried having three or four pieces together still could not get the taste.A waste by thin slices.

Long Ribs BKT.$10.80.I just could resist to try out the long ribs.But this was a shocker.

This had to be the shortest,smallest long ribs,I have ever had.Meat was very tender.But I have never come cross such small long ribs.Maybe this was from piglet.For the price and portion this was not a good vaule.But the soup here was quite better than the normal ribs.But still not good enough.

 Overall the al carte dishes were quite below the standard.Maybe I just order the wrong dishes,maybe not my day.
But the set meal with the discount price of $4.20 had very good vaule
Service was good.

90 Tanjong Pagar Road