9 Jan 2013

Chuan Lai Guo Zhi Wang
Bitter Herbal Kway Chap

Decades back,kway chap was once a poor man's dish.
In my primary school days.I use cycle very early in morning around 6.30am,before school starts.Just have  to have kway chap,5 cents for the teow soup and 5cents for the intestine.And serving would more than enough for two.
But now I better check my wallet before I order,for the prices for kway chap can be quite scary.

When I was at Wo Peng I notice this display that I just pulled me back to this place like a magnet.

Two visit to this place before this write up.
First visit......

This was $10.50 one person only.Shocked for a moment or two ,pricey I thought but I am not complaining.I had big,small intestine,skin,pork belly and veges with one bowl of kway teow.The serving was big enough.

The Kway Chap here is like no other I have eaten before.

The kway teow soup had very thick starchy texture and top with thick dark bitter herbal stock.

Usually I am not quite happy with bitterness in any taste.I was taken back by the bitter taste but as I started to eat I got adjusted to bitterness,and eaten with the offal this was turning into something very special.

Cuts were pretty big, ample serving.

Second visit:

This was a wobbling $29.00. 2 other kway teow soup.(missing from the photo.).For 3 people.

We had big and small intestine,skin,tau pok,fish cake,belly pork,1 egg with peanuts and veges.
The serving portion was less than expected.The belly pork was really very little about 4 slices.The fish cake was big.
The skin was really over cooked,till it was very soft.(prefer with a slight crunch).But eaten with the sauce it had a wonderfully melt sensation in the mouth.Infact all innards tasted sensational with the dark sauce.

We another plate of small intestine $3.00.This was surprisingly a big serving.Yummy yummy!!..

Fried intestine.$8.00.This was a near prefect fry,one the best fried intestine I have had.Crispy,crunchy with some bite to it.It was a wonder in the mouth.

Overall,let me put it this way,eaten has whole with the bitter kway teow soup and the innards.This kway chap stands on it's own.
This was the most pricey Kway Chap I have ever had.But this kway chap had a unique taste,we loved it so much another trip is just coming around the corner.


Chuan Lai Guo Zhi Wang
Sin Fong Restaurant
 560 Macpherson Road

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