14 Jan 2013

Kovan Rojak

Kovan hawker stalls has some high records for stalls bought.With the highest being around $340,000.
But this stall Rojak stall loses out with a price tag of around $300,000.Strange they can be so confident they can make back the profits with just selling rojak.The boss does not hang around the workers to the job.

Walking round this corner of the hawker centre you can't miss this place.With a decent queue still in line.You can see the rojak plate on nearly every table and it was only around 3.40p.m.

The ingredients were all every fresh tasting.Even the grilled tau pok and you taio tasted fresh with crispy crunch to it.

Now the  all important sauce it was very thick,right amount of sugar and sourness.The quality of the prawn paste was awesome.It make me go wow with my first bite.
In this type of rojak the prawn paste is main factor and here they a have top quality one.Which would make a rojak stand out from the normal or cheap quality paste.

They were very generous with their sauce,even after finishing the stuff there quite a ample amount of sauce left on the plate.

Overall this Kovan Rojak is certainly there,with the top rojak stalls around.Serving was more than reasonable.
Certainly worth another trip.

Prices from $3.00.Mine was $5.00.(Rojak $3.00 & Cuttle fish $2.00)

Kovan Rojak
Kovan Hougang Market & food Centre
209 Hougang Street 21.


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